Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chapman, Margaret & Kathleen Welton Poetry for Beginners

Chapman, Margaret & Kathleen Welton Poetry for Beginners
For Beginners 2010 149p 14.99
978-1-934389-46-1 all ages E-BN
This book traces the wonder of poetry as a written word from ancient Greece to modern times.
Poetry is a written form of language that has been used since ancient times to express and explain many of life’s feelings and occurrences. It can mean different things to many people and yet feel the same to many. It is a writing of complexities and lyrical soundings when the words are read aloud.
The book itself is a beautifully written text that provides the reader with a lively guide to better understanding of poetry and it’s travels through the ages.
I must say I am not a poetry devotee. I have read poetry in college and later in life, but I did not consider it a favorite. Thus you can imagine my surprise when I picked up this beautifully illustrated cover which enticed my senses. The fact that it was a paperback also lightened the tenor of the book. But I must say from the introduction poem by Emily Dickinson to the last page of the book, I was thoroughly hooked. I can’t say that I have ever read a poetry book that had such a lively presentation of poetry facts supported by absolutely beautiful poems to entice the readers.
The illustrator , Reuben Negron, has created a dynamic series of pen and ink drawings that will allow the reader’s mind to further expand upon the graphic supplied. I also find that graphic illustrations are more able to stand the test of time with students. So many times detailed illustrations anchor a book to a particular time period. In this case I feel strongly that the readers will enjoy the illustrations. This is a well written book that is recommended as a Books of Note. It would be an excellent addition to any secondary school library. McNeil, Linda

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