Monday, January 15, 2018

Halpern, Julie Meant to Be Julie Meant to Be

Halpern, Julie Meant to Be   Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends           2017   313p   17.99  978-1-250-09498-8            hs        Science fiction            E-BN            
6 years ago names started appearing on people’s chests at 18, the name of the person with whom they are meant to be. Agatha  is determined to avoid the itchy name on her chest and enjoy her summer swooning over Luke Jacobs and then moving to Australia to be a carny. She just has to avoid looking up her MTB.
            Agatha “Aggy” Abrams lives in a world where The Naming is a big part of life. Out of nowhere, 6 years ago, names started appearing over the heart of everyone over the age of 18. This person is known as their Meant-To-Be, or MTB. They are referred to by Aggy as “Empties”. Aggy doesn’t want to believe that she has no free will. She spends her summers working at a haunted carnival dreaming about making out with Luke Jacobs and is desperate not to look up Hendrix Cutter, the name that appeared on her chest. When her parents had MTBs appear on their chests, her father left and her agoraphobic, romance novel writing uncle moved in and avoided talk of his MTB. Her best friend, Lish, finds and promptly falls in love with her MTB and Aggy wants no part of it. Aggy is a hilarious and raunchy character that teens will instantly associate with. Her openness with everyone around her when it comes to her overly large breasts, her gassiness when she eats certain foods or how to help herself in the sex department will have readers laughing and commiserating with this well written and fun romance for the unromantic.
Daley, Erin     Romance, Fate, Science Fiction

Slater, Dashka The 57 Bus

Slater, Dashka            The 57 Bus    Macmillan/Farrar Strauss    2017   300p   17.99  978-1-374-30323-5            hs                    E-BN   
The true story of an agender teen whose skirt is set on fire on an Oakland public bus. Sasha is agender, meaning they do not identify as either male or female. Born as a boy named Luke, Sasha picked their own name, loves wearing skirts and found a wonderful group of friends at their private high school. Notice the use of “their” instead of “he” or “she”: Sasha prefers these pronouns. Richard is a 16 year old African American boy whose mother had him at 14, has been locked up once for fighting, but has a good heart and wants to do better. When Sasha falls asleep on the bus and Richard’s friend suggest lighting their skirt on fire, Richard does it, thinking it will be a harmless prank causing no real damage. When Sasha needs several surgeries and Richard is incarcerated, the story may seem to be over. But this book goes into the detail of the type of people Richard and Sasha are. Their background stories at the beginning will lead readers on a journey that will be much different than simply hearing “a black kid set a white boy in a skirt on fire on a bus”. Because this is a true story, the ending is no secret, but getting to know Richard and Sasha in short chapters that touch on so many aspects of their lives and the case will make readers look at the world differently. Slater has written something that will inspire readers to stop judging, to forgive and to hope.
Daley, Erin            Gender identify, hate crimes, law

Berne, Emma Carlson What Is An Idiom When It's At Home?

Berne, Emma Carlson           What Is An Idiom When It's At Home?       Capstone Publishers 2018   32p     27.32  978-1-5157-6388-8            elm/ms                       VG-BNS           
“An exploration of idioms, covering what they are, providing examples, and including related exercises.”      Upper elementary and middle school students who enjoy learning about English language will appreciate this new title on idioms in the “Fact Finders: Why Do We Say That?” series.  Written in an easy-to-read format, students gain a better understanding of what idioms are and will be able to provide solid examples to others.  The author touches upon figurative and literal meanings, as well as phrasal verbs and clichés.  Students will be able to identify the idiom and its literal meaning with real world examples.  The author provides students with a history of idioms and how they are used worldwide, as well as providing insight to the future of idioms with today’s technology and use of emojis.

The author includes colorful illustrations, tables, charts, “Try It Out” sidebars, “Did You Know” facts, a glossary of terms, recommended books, critical thinking questions, a special code to use on FactHound, and an index.

            Fact Finders (Capstone)       As of this review, four titles have been published in this new series, Fact Finders: Why Do We Say That?   Each title reviews  parts of speech & basic grammar properly in a fun way to teach students.       Forba-MacCain, Charleen Idioms ; Language Arts. 

Blashfield, Jean F. California Gold Rush and the 49ers

Blashfield, Jean F.      California Gold Rush and the 49ers            Capstone Publishers 2018   32p     27.32  978-1-5157-7116-6            elm/ms                        VG-BNS           
“Readers will learn about the California Gold Rush, the people who went there to find their fortunes, and how this event shaped the history of California and the United States.”  Upper elementary and middle school students who enjoy learning about United States history will enjoy this new title on the California Gold Rush in the “Fact Finders: Landmarks in U.S. History” series.  Written in a story-like fashion, students gain a better understanding about the California Gold Rush.  From the deadly journey to California through challenging terrain and weather to the actual discovery of gold for some adventurers, students become aware of the difficulties many faced while trying to strike it rich.  Fortune seekers came by land and sea and didn’t realize the dangers, including death from disease that this journey took.  The author touched upon the miners and basic mining, as well as women who played a role in the gold rush.  Students learn how the Gold Rush played a vital role in the development of California and its diversity.

The author includes both color and black-and-white period portraits, interesting “Did You Know” facts, maps, sidebars, a glossary of terms, critical thinking questions, recommended books, a special code to use on FactHound, and an index.

For schools who participate in Accelerated Reader, an existing test is available for students to take (AR Quiz # 189870).           Fact Finders (Capstone)     As of this review, four titles have been published in this new series, Fact Finders: Landmarks in U.S. History.  Each title shows the daring adventurers and  why what they did helped shape the United States.  Titles include the Pony Express, Lewis & Clark, the California Gold Rush, and the Santa Fe Trail.           Forba-MacCain, Charleen Gold Rush : U.S. History ; California Gold Discoveries.

McClintock, Norah Out of Tune

McClintock, Norah     Out of Tune   Orca    2018   222p   10.95  978-1-4598-1465-3            ms/hs Mystery/Detective    VG       
When one of Riley’s classmates turns up missing, and murdered, the search is on for her killer. Suddenly, it seems there are several suspects, with sufficient motives and no alibi, who may have wanted the girl dead.         In this murder mystery, the third in the Riley Donovan series, our sleuth Riley figures out who killed one of her classmates, a girl who had everything going for her. The mystery will keep readers turning pages, but the author's choice of words can sometimes be a bit confusing. Will definitely appeal to those who like a good mystery story, in middle school and high school. Use of the word "bitch" and "perky breasts" but no really bad language.
                                    Kennedy, Carol