Agrimbau, Diego   Anne Frank  Calkins Creek (Boyd's Mills)  Graphic novel
Agrimbau, Diego   Leonardo Da Vinci Calkins Creek (Boyd's Mills)  Graphic novel
Aguiar, Nadia        The Great Wave of Tamarind    Macmillan/F&F     Fantasy
Alexander, Kwame  Out of wonder: poems celebrating poets    Candlewick Press 
Alexander, Lloyd   High King (50th Anniversary Ed.)    Henry Holt  Fantasy
Alexander, Lloyd   Taran Wanderer (50th Anniversary Ed.)     Henry Holt  Fantasy
Alexander, Wm      A Properly Unhaunted Place    McElderry Books   Fantasy
Almond, David      Harry Miller’s run      Candlewick Press 
Anders, Mason      DNA, Genes, and Chromosomes   Capstone Publishers    
Anders, Mason      Heredity    Capstone Publishers    
Anderson, M.T.     Symphony for the City of the Dead   Candlewick Press 
Andrus, Aubre      BotanticalBeauty:80 Essential Recipes for Natural Spa Products  Switch Press                                 
Andrus, Aubre     How to Achieve Inner Calm (Stress Busting Guides)     Capstone
Andrus, Aubre     How to Find Energy & Inspiration    Capstone Publishers    
Andrus, Aubre     How to Manage a Busy Life (Stress Busting Guides)     Capstone
Andrus, Aubre     Project You Capstone Publishers    
Anthony, L.         Elephant Whisperer      Macmillan/ Henry Holt  
Aquirre, Ann      Vanguard  (Razorland)   Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends   Fantasy
Arbuthnott, S.     Dominion    Orca  Science fiction
Aronson & Budhos  Eyes of the World       Macmillan/ Henry Holt  
Avi                    The Player King   Simon & Schuster/ Atheneum   
Bailey, Em        The Special Ones  Houghton Mifflin  Mystery/Detective
Baker, Kate       Secrets of the Sea      Candlewick Press 
Baratz-Logsted,L. I Love You, Michael Collins   Farrar Strauss    Realistic Fiction
Bartok, Mira      Wonderling  Candlewick Press  Fantasy
Beatty, Erin       Traitor’s Kiss    Macmillan/Imprint Conflict
Beevor, Lucy     Understanding Our Head     Capstone Publishers 
Beevor, Lucy     Understanding Our Organs      Capstone Publishers    
Begler, Pete      Fearless Travelers’ Guide to Wicked Places      Capstone Fantasy
Berne, E.C.       Face of Freedom: How the Photos of Frederick Douglass ...                                 Capstone Publishers 
Berne, E.C.       What Is An Idiom When It's At Home?       Capstone Publishers    
Berne, E.C.       Escaping Nazis on the Kindertransport     Capstone Publishers    
Berry, Julie       The Emperor’s Ostrich   Roaring Brook Press     Fantasy
Bertman, J.C.    The Unbreakable Code (Book Scavenger)     Henry Holt  Fantasy
Bethell, Zillah   A Whisper of Horses     Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends  
Black & Clare     The Silver Mask (Magisterium) Scholastic Press  Fantasy
Blake, A.H.       How to Make a Wish      Houghton Mifflin  Realistic Fiction
Blashfield,J.F.   California Gold Rush and the 49ers  Capstone Publishers    
Blashfield, J.F.  The Amazing Lewis and Clark Expedition    Capstone Publishers    
Bobulski, C.      The Wood    Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends   Supernatural
Bond, Gwenda      Lois Lane Triple Threat Capstone/Switch Press   Fantasy
Bond, Gwenda      Strange Alchemy   Capstone Publishers     Supernatural
Bowen &Dahl,L.S.  Gods and Thunder: A Graphic Novel of Old Norse Myths                                Capstone Publishers      Graphic novel
Braun, Eric          Escape From Alcatraz    Capstone Publishers    
Brimmer, L.D.     Twelve Days In May      Boyd's Mills/Calkins Creek   
Brown & Perfit    Older Than Dirt   Houghton Mifflin 
Burgan, Michael   Ali’s Knockdown Punch: How A Photographer Captured a Political Protest                         Capstone Publishers 
Burgan, Michael   Exposing Hidden Worlds  Capstone Publishers    
Burgan, Michael   Finding the Titanic     Capstone Publishers    
Burgan, Michael   Japanese American Internment  Capstone/Compass Point 
Burgan, Michael   Turning Point: Story of D-Day Landings    Capstone Publishers    
Burns, C.L.       Half-True Lies of Cricket Cohen Farrar Strauss  Conflict
Burns, L.G.       Life on Surtsey   Houghton Mifflin/ Harcourt Brace   
Burt, Jake        Greetings From Witness Protection!  Feiwel & Friends  Conflict
Cameron, Sharon   The Knowing Scholastic Press  Science fiction
Capetta, A.R.     Echo After Echo   Candlewick Press  Mystery/Detective
Chamberlain & Neyret    Cici’s Journal    First Second      Graphic-non-fiction
Cherrix, Amy      Eye of the Storm  Houghton Mifflin
Cohen-Scali, S.   Max   Roaring Brook Press     Realistic Fiction
Colich, Abby      Babysitter’s Guide to Keeping Kids Entertained  Capstone
Collins, A.L.     Homestead: A New Life On Mars (Redworld) Capstone Science fict
Collins, A.L.     Legacy: Relic of Mars   Capstone Publishers     Science fiction
Collins, A.L.     Raiders: Water Thieves of Mars      Capstone Science fic
Collins, A.L.     Tharsis City: The Wonder of Mars    Capstone    Science fiction
Cook, Eileen      Hanging Girl      Houghton Mifflin  Mystery/Detective
Cooke, Tim        Timeline of Fighter Jets and Bombers      Capstone Publishers    
Cooke, Tim        Timeline of Helicopters Capstone Publishers    
Davis, Danielle   Zinnia and the Bees     Capstone Publishers     Conflict
Demetrios, H.     Bad Romance Macmillan/ Henry Holt   Realistic Fiction
Durant, S.E.      Little Bits of Sky      Holiday House     Realistic Fiction
Erskine, K.       The Incredible Magic of Being Scholastic Press  Misc.
Eulberg, E.       Just Another Girl Scholastic Press/Point  Realistic Fiction
Fayers, Claire    Journey to Dragon Island (Sequel Voyage to Magical North)  
                        Henry Holt  Fantasy
Fitzgerald, S.    Kristallnacht     Capstone/Compass Point 
Foster, Stewart   Bubble      Simon & Schuster/ Realistic Fiction
Frank, S.B.       Armstrong & Charlie     Houghton Mifflin  Historical
Frazier, S. T.    Cleo Edison Oliver in Persuasion Power Scholastic RealisticFic
Frederick, S.     Basketball’s Record Breakers  Capstone Publishers    
Freeburg, J.      Collapse and Chaos      Capstone Publishers    
Freeman, Ruth     One Good Thing About America  Holiday House    
Furstinger, N.    Unstoppable(True Stories of Amazing Bionic Animals)Harcourt
Gagne, Tammy      Dog Encyclopedia for Kids     Capstone Young Readers 
Gantos, Jack      Writing Radar     Macmillan/Farrar Strauss     
Giff, P.R.        Genevieve’s War   Holiday House    
Glaser, M.        The Book Jumper   Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends   Fantasy
Gourley, C.       Journeys: Young Readers’ Letters to Authors Who Changed Their Lives                            Candlewick Press
Gratz, Alan       Refugee     Scholastic Press  Conflict
Greenberg&Jordan  Meet Cindy Sherman      Macmillan/ Roaring Brook Press     
Griffiths, Andy   The 65 Story Treehouse  Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends   Fantasy
Hackett, J.       Game Design(Behind the Scenes)      Scholastic/ Childrens Press  
Halahmy, Miriam   Behind Closed Doors     Holiday House     Realistic Fiction
Halpern, Julie    Meant to Be   Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends Science fiction
Hansen, Dustin    Game On!    Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends  
Harbo, C.         Easy Origami Decorations      Capstone Publishers    
Hautman, Pete     Slider      Candlewick Press  Realistic Fiction
Heiligman, D.     Vincent & Theo    Macmillan/ Henry Holt  
Hertz, Kellen     Tenney in the Key of Friendship     Scholastic  Realistic Fiction
Hetrick, Hans     Baseball’s Record Breakers    Capstone Publishers    
Hetrick, Hans     Real Heroes of Sports Breaking Barriers   Capstone Publishers    
Hiatt-Harlow.     Breaker Boy Simon & Schuster/ McElderry Books   Historical
Hinds, Gareth     Poe: Stories and Poems  Candlewick Press  Graphic novel
Hoena, Blake      Hades and the Underworld: A Chilling Interactive Adventure                          Capstone Publishers     
Hoena, Blake      Surviving Mount Everest Capstone Publishers     Realistic Fiction
Holbrook, Sara    The Enemy   Boyd's Mills/Calkins Creek   
Holm & Holm       Swing it, Sunny   Scholastic/Graphix      Graphic novel
Hoover, P.J.      Tut: My Epic Battle to Save the World     Macmillan/Tor Books                             Mystery/Detective
Hosch, Amanda     Mabel Opal Pearl and the Rules for Spying Capstone    Mystery/Det
Hughes, Alison    Kings of the Court      Orca  Sports
Hutto, Joe        When I Was a Turkey     Henry Holt 
Hutton, Keely     Soldier Boy Macmillan/Farrar Strauss      Historical
iTurbe, Antonio   Librarian of Auschwitz  Macmillan/ Henry Holt   Historical
Jacobsmeyer, N.   Surviving the Iditarod  Capstone Publishers    
Jenkins, Martin   Exploring Space   Candlewick Press 
Jenkins, Martin   Jonathan Swift Gulliver’s Travels: Voyage to Lilliput   Candlewick
Jones, Kari       A Fair Deal Shopping for Social Justice   Orca 
Jorgensen, K.     Fearless Food: Allergy-Free Recipes for Kids    Capstone
Kenney, Sean      Building Amazing Creations    Macmillan/ Henry Holt  
Kessler, Liz      Haunt Me    Candlewick Press  Supernatural
Key, Watt         Hideout     Macmillan/Farrar Strauss      Mystery/Detective
Koch, Falynn      Plagues: The Microscopic Battlefield First Second     Graphic-NF
Kops, Deborah     Alice Paul and the Fight for Women’s Rights     Boyd's Mills     
Korman, Gordon    Restart     Scholastic Press  Conflict
Krawitz, Susan    Viva, Rose! Holiday House     Historical
Lambert, Mary E.  Family Game Night and Other Catastrophies Scholastic Realistic
Landman, Tanya    Hell & High Water Candlewick Press  Historical
Langston-George   Deep Cover Spies and Double Crossers of the Cold War Capstone
Larson, Kirby     Audacity Jones Steals the Show      Scholastic Press  Historical
Lassieur, A.      Cyber Spies and Secret Agents of Modern Times   Capstone
Lassieur, A.      Stanley Hotel: A Chilling Interactive Adventure CapstoneMysDet
Lawlor, Laurie    Super Women Holiday House    
Lazebnik, C.      Things I Should Have Known    Houghton Mifflin  Realistic Fiction
Lewis, J. P.      Keep A Pocket in Your Poem    Boyd's Mills/Word Song 
Lim, Celeste      The Crystal Ribbon      Scholastic Press  Fantasy
Long, Hayley      Sophie Someone    Candlewick  Realistic Fiction
Losure, Mary      Isaac the Alchemist: Secrets of Isaac Newton, Revealed                                    Candlewick Press     
Lourie, Peter     Jack London and the Klondike Gold Rush    Macmillan/ Henry Holt  
Margolis, L.      We Are Party People     Farrar Strauss    Realistic Fiction
McGoran, Jon      Spliced     Holiday House     Science fiction
McLemore,A.M.     Wild Beauty Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends   Fantasy
Menon, Sandhya    When Dimple Met Rishi   Simon Pulse Conflict
Mershel, M.       Revenge of the Star Survivors Holiday House Realistic Fiction
Meyer, Carolyn    Girl With A Camera      Boyd's Mills/Calkins Creek    Historical
Meyer, William    The Search for the Lost Prophecy    Sleeping Bear Press                                   Mystery/Detective
Micklos, John     First Amendment: Freedom of Speech and Religion Capstone
Micklos, J.       Harlem Hellfighters: African-American Heroes in WW I      Capstone Publishers     
Micklos, John Jr. Seal Team Six: Battling Terrorism Worldwide     Capstone
Middleton, Dana   Open If You Dare  Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends   Realistic Fiction
Milford, Kate     Ghosts of Greenglass House    Clarion     Fantasy
Mobley, Jeannie   Bobby Lee and the Criminal Element  Holiday House     Historical
Monniger, Joseph  Game Change Houghton Mifflin  Sports
Montgomery, Sy    Amazon Adventure  Houghton Mifflin 
Moon, S.S.        Scholastic/Arthur Levine      Realistic Fiction
Morpurgo, M.      An Eagle In The Snow    Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends   Historical
Nicol, James      The Apprentice Witch    Scholastic/Chicken House      Fantasy
Nix, Garth        Frogkisser  Scholastic/ Childrens Press   Fairytale
Nix & Williams    Have Sword Will Travel  Scholastic Press  Fantasy
O’Sullivan, J.    Between Two Skies Candlewick Press  Historical
Oachs, E.R.       Lykan HyperSport Scholastic/ Childrens Press  
Orenstein, D.     Gosliner    Dirt  Scholastic Press  Realistic Fiction
Otfinoski, S.     3D Printing Scholastic/ Childrens Press  
Paisley, E.       Can Your Smartphone Change the World?     Orca 
Paterson, K.      My Brigadista Year      Candlewick Press  Historical
Peterson, M.C.    National Museum of American History Capstone/Compass Point 
Peterson, M.C.    The National Air and Space Museum   Capstone Publishers    
Phibrick, R.      Who Killed Darius Drake?      Scholastic Press  Mystery/Detective
Pincus, Greg      The Homework Strike     Arthur Levine     Realistic Fiction
Rapp & Cavallaro  Decelerate Blue   Macmillan/ First Second Graphic novel
Rappaport, D.     42 Is Not Just a Number Candlewick Press 
Reef, Catherine   Florence Nightingale    Houghton Mifflin/Clarion     
Reef, Catherine   Victoria: Portrait of a Queen Houghton Mifflin/Clarion     
Reeve, Philip     Black Light Express     Capstone Publishers     Fantasy
Renner, Benjamin  Big Bad Fox Macmillan/Imprint Graphic novel
Reynolds, Jason   Long Way Down     Simon & Schuster/ Realistic Fiction
Rodriguez &Segesso      Moby Dick   Capstone Publishers     Graphic novel
Rosenblatt, D.    Lost Boys   Macmillan/ Henry Holt   Conflict
Rubin, Sarah      The Impossible Clue     Scholastic/Chicken House      Mystery/Det
Rusch, Elizabeth  Impact! Asteroids and the Science of Saving the World                               Houghton Mifflin/ Harcourt Brace   
Rust, Ned         Patrick Griffin’s First Birthday on Ith   Roaring Brook Press    Science fiction
Saenz, Benjamin   Alire The Inexplicable Logic of My Life   Clarion Realistic Fict
Samphire, P.      Emperor of Mars (Dragon Tomb Series Bk 2) Henry Holt Steampunk
Sanders, Bernie   Guide To Political Revolution Macmillan/ Henry Holt  
Sandler, M.       The Whydah: a pirate ship feared, wrecked, and found     Candlewick Press 
Schulman, L.B.    Stolen Secrets    Boyd's Mills Press      Historical
Scott & Willis    Botanicum   Candlewick Press 
Self, Jeffrey     a Very, Very bad thing  Scholastic Press/Push   Realistic Fiction
Sheinmel, C.      Zacktastic: Twinsanity  Sleeping Bear Press     Fantasy
Shofner, C.       Almost Paradise   Macmillan/Farrar Strauss      Realistic Fiction
Skrypuch, M.F.    Making Bombs For Hitler Scholastic Press  Historical
Slater, Dashka    The 57 Bus  Macmillan/Farrar Strauss     
Smith-Llera, D.   Black Power Salute: How A Photographer Captured a  Political Protest    Capstone 
Smith-Llera, D.   Double Helix      Capstone Publishers    
Smy, Pam          Thornhill   Macmillan/ Roaring Brook Press      Graphic novel
Soetoro-Ng, M.    Ladder to the Moon      Candlewick Press  Misc.
Sonnenblick, J.   The Secret Sheriff of Sixth Grade   Scholastic Press  Conflict
Speno, Andrew     Great American Foot Race      Boyd's Mills Press     
Stanton, Angie    Waking In Time    Capstone Publishers     New Adult
Stefoff, Rebecca  Me, Myself, and I: The More Grammar Changes, The More It Remains the Same     Capstone Publishers    
Stork, F.X.       Disappeared Scholastic/Arthur Levine      Realistic Fiction
Storm&Courtenay   Pop Girl    Scholastic Press  Realistic Fiction
Strange, Lucy     Secret of Nightingale Wood    Chicken House     Realistic Fiction
Suvada, Emily     This Mortal Coil  Simon & Schuster/ Simon Pulse Science fiction
Tarpley, N.       The Harlem Charade      Scholastic Press  Mystery/Detective
Telgemeier,R.     Fantasmas   Scholastic/Graphix     
Thompson, Lisa    The Goldfish Boy  Scholastic Press  Realistic Fiction
Thomson, S. L.    Deadly Wish Boyd's Mills Press      Fantasy
Thrash, Maggie    Honor girl  Candlewick Press 
Tougas, Joe       Real Heroes of Sports Heroic Comebacks    Capstone Publishers    
Tougas, Shelley   Laura Ingalls Is Ruining My Life    Roaring Brook Press Realistic Fiction
Vande Velde, V.   Princess Impostor Scholastic Press  Fantasy
Vaught, Susan     Super Max and the Mystery of Thornwood’s Revenge      Simon & Schuster/ Mystery/Detective
Wagstaffe, J.     Fault Lines: Understanding the Power of Earthquakes   Orca 
Walker, Sally M.  Sinking the Sultana     Candlewick Press 
Watkins, Steve    Sink or Swim      Scholastic Press  Historical
Weakland, Mark    Clang! Wiley E. Coyote Experiments with Magnetism     Capstone
Weatherford,C.B.  Schomburg: The Man Who Built a Library    Candlewick Press 
Wenxuan, Cao      Bronze and sunflower         
Westerfeld, S.    Spill Zone  Macmillan/ First Second Graphic novel
Westerfield, S.   Horizon     Scholastic Press  Fantasy
Wiesner&Napoli    Fish Girl   Houghton Mifflin/Clarion      Fantasy
Wilde, Jen        Queens of Geek    Macmillan/Swoon Reads   Realistic Fiction
Willink, Jocko    Way of the Warrior Kid : from Wimpy to Warrior the Navy Seal Way Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends  
Wooding, Chris    Velocity    Scholastic Press  Science fiction
Young Rewired State  Get Coding! Learn HTML, CSS, and Java script and Build a Web site, App, and Game Candlewick Press 
Young, Judy       Wild World of Buck Bray Sleeping Bear Press     Mystery/Detective

Young, Moira      Road To Ever After      Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends   Fantasy

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