Genre list 2010-11

Genre list 2010-2011


Animal stories   

Andrekson, Judy   Gunner: Hurricane Horse ms/jr
DeLaCroix, Alice  The Best Horse Ever     elem
Jansson, Tove     Comet in Moominland     elem
Katz, Jon         Rose in a Storm   ms/hs
Lazar, Carole     Lucy Unstrung     ms/jr
Marshall, S.      Molly The Great Tells The Truth     elem
Rodriguez, B.     The Chicken Thief elem
Tesdell, D. S.    Dog Stories ms/hs
Wallace, Carol    The Pumpkin Mystery     elem


Auch, MJ          Guitar Boy  ms/hs
Aw, Tash          Map of the Invisible World    hs/adult
Cadnum, Michael   Flash hs
Choyce, Lesley    Reaction    hs
Corriveau, Art    How I Nicky Flynn Finally Get a Life and A Dog  ms
Davies, Stephen   Hacking Timbuktu  ms/hs
Doman, Kate (adp) Camp  ms/jr
Doman, Kate (adp) River ms/jr
Edge, Harry       Spray: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide     ms/hs
Finn, Daniel      She Thief   jr/sr
Harvey, Sarah N.  Plastic (Orca Soundings)      secondary
Hautman, Pete     Blank Confession  ms/hs
Hills, Lia        The Beginner’s Guide to Living      hs
Ignatov, Amy      The Popularity Papers   ms/hs
James, Rebecca    Beautiful Malice  hs
Jansson, Tove     Finn Family Moomintroll elem
Jones, Traci L.   Finding My Place  ms/hs
Lang,D./Michael   Fat Boy Chronicles      ms/hs
Lynch, Chris      Angry Young Man   hs
Malley, Gemma     The Returners     hs
McClintock, N.    Masked      secondary
Meyerhoff, Jenny  Queen of Secrets  hs
Mitchell, Todd    The Secret to Lying     hs
Petrucha, Stefa   Split hs
Petrucha, Stefan  Split hs
Phillips, J. A.   Lark & Termite    hs/adult
Pogue, David      Abby Carnelia’s One & Only Magical Power  ms/jr
Potter, Ellen     The Kneebone Boy  ms/jr
Price, Charlie    The Interrogation of Gabriel James  hs
Schwartz, Ellen   Avalanche Dance   hs
Shiga, Jason      Meanwhile   all ages
van Tol, Alex     Knifepoint  ms/hs
Watson, Renee     What Momma Left Me      ms
Whitehead, C.     Sag Harbor  hs/adult


Baker, E.D.       The Wide-Awake Princess ms
Bracken, Beth     Cenicienta  (Cinderella)      elm/ms
George, J.D.      Princess of Glass ms
Janisch, Heinz    Fantastic Adventures of Baron Munchausen  elem
Lairamore, Dawn   Ivy’s Ever After  ms
Lowry, Lois       The Birthday Ball elm/ms
Napoli, D. Jo     The Wager   ms/hs
Tomlinson, H.     Toads and Diamonds      elem


Adornetto, A.     Halo  jr/sr
Allen, Sarah A.   The Girl Who Chased the Moon  hs/adult
Arato, Rona       Mrs. Kaputnik’s Pool Hall and Matzo Ball Emporium     elm/ms
Beaty, Andrea     Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies  elm/ms
Bennett, Holly    Shapeshifter      ms/hs
Black, Chuck      Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue    
Bowditch,Eden U.  The Atomic Weight of Secrets  ms/hs
Brooks, Terry     Bearers of the Black Staff (Legends of Shannara)   hs/adult
Byers, R.L.       Captive Flame:Brotherhood of the Griffon, Vol. 1   hs/adult
Dahl,M.& S. Nicol The Green Queen of Mean
Davis, Heather    The Clearing      ms/hs
DeStefano, L.     Wither (Chemical Garden Trilogy)    hs/adult
Duane, Diane      A Wizard of Mars (Young Wizards)    ms/hs
Eggers, Dave      The Wild Things   ms/hs
Fantaskey, Beth   Jekel Loves Hyde  hs
Fox, Daniel Jade Man’s Skin (Book II)     adult
Gee, Maurice      Gool (Salt Trilogy v2)  hs
Gibson, Marley    Ghost Huntress: The Counseling      ms/hs
Halpern, Jake & Peter Kujawinski    World’s End (Bk2 Dormia)      ms/jr
Hamilton, K.      Tyger Tyger  (Bk 1 Goblin Wars)     hs
Haworth, Danette  The Summer of Moonlight Secrets     ms/jr.
Jansson, Tove     Moominpappa’s Memoirs   elem
Jansson, Tove     Moominsummer Madness    elem
Johansen, K.V.    The Shadow Road (Warlocks of Talverdine:Bk4)    ms/hs
Jones, Carrie     Captivate   ms/hs
Jones, Jaida and Bennett, Danielle  Dragon Soul adult
Kessler, Jackie Morse   Hunger      hs/adult
Kramer, S. & Valerie T. Karma Bites ms
Madigan, L.K.     The Mermaid’s Mirror    hs
Malzieu, Mathias  The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart adult
Marchetta, Melina Finnikin of the Rock    hs/adult
Martel, Yann      Beatrice and Virgil     hs/adult
McCaffrey, Todd   Dragongirl (Dragonriders of Pern)   ms/hs
Moore, Clement    The Night Before Christmas    elem
Morris, Gerald    The Legend of the King (Squire’s Tales)   ms/jr
Mull, Brandon     A World without Heroes (Beyonders)  ms/hs
Nichols, Lee      Deception (Haunting Emma series)    ms/hs
Overstreet, Jeffrey     Raven’s Ladder    hs/adult
Paul, Donita K.   Dragons of the Valley   hs/adult
Perez, Marlene    Dead Is Just A Rumor    ms/hs
Pike, Christopher The Secret of KA  secondary
Redick, Robert V.S.     The Ruling Sea    hs/adult
Rushdie, Salman   Luka and the Fire of Life     ms
Rutkoski, Marie   The Celestial Globe     hs
Sensel, Joni      The Timekeeper’s Moon   ms/hs
Stephens, Sarah Hines   Rumble in the Forest    elem
Stewart, Joel     Dexter Bexley and the Big Blue Beastie    elem
Sullivan, Laura L.      Under the Green Hill    ms/hs
Van Eekhout, Greg       Kid vs. Squid     elm/ms
Wagner, Hilary    Nightshade City   ms/jr
Wardell, Bradley  Elemental (Destiny’s Embers)  hs/adult
Dolamore, Jaclyn  Magic Under Glass hs

Graphic novel    

Aristophane (translated by Matt Madden    The Zabime Sisters      ms/hs
Austen, Jane &; Seth Grahame-Smith   Pride and Prejudice and Zombies     hs
Besel. Jennifer M.      Unusual History of Comic Books     
Bronte, Charlotte Jane Eyre   all ages
Carey,M. & P.Gross  Unwritten: Tommy Taylor &; The Bogus Identity hs/adult
Carroll, Lewis    Hunting of the Snark; An Agony in Eight Fits    hs/adult
Carroll, Lewis (adapted by Lewis Helfand) Alice in Wonderland     elm/ms
Ciencin     Point-lank Paintball   
Clencin, Scott    Avalanche Freestyle     elem
Collins, Terry    Getting to the Bottom of Global Warming   elm/ms
Dahl, Michael     The Vampire Chapter     elem
David, Peter      Ben 10 Alien Force: Doom Dimension  elem
Deutsch, Barry    Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword  ms
Deutsch, Barry    Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword  elm/ms
Dickens, Charles adapted by Brigit Viney  Great Expectations      ms/hs
Everheart, Chris  Recon Academy    
Flight Comics     Flight Volume Seven     ms/hs
Gardner, Robert   Electricity and Magnetism Science Fair Projects, Revised and Expanded Using Scientific Method   ms/hs
Glidden, Sarah    How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less     hs
Hale, Shannon & Nathan Hale   Calamity Jack     ms
Hale, Shannon and Dean  Calamity Jack     all ages
Ikeda, Miyoko     Fairy Navigator Runa    ms/hs
Johns, Geoff and Ethan Van Sciver   Flash Rebirth     ms/hs
Johns, Geoff,&I. Reis, Oclair Albert, Joe Prado Blackest Night   hs/adult
Kawamura, Mika    Panic x Panic (English translation) ms/hs
Kieth, Sam  Arkham Asylum Madness   hs/adult
Koontz, Dean      Odd Is On Our Side      ms/hs
Lockpez, Inverna  Cuba: My Revolution     hs/adult
Manning, Matthew/ Ricardo Osnaya    Ali Baba and the forty Thieves  elm/ms
Momoyuki, Kotori  Pink Innocent (English translation) ms/hs
Morrison, G., F. Quitely P. Tan     Batman & Robin (Deluxe Ed.)  hs/adult
Neufeld, Josh     A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge   hs/adult
Rosinsky, Natalie M.    Graphic Content! The Culture of Comic Book  secondary
Sfar, Joann The Little Prince (adapted)   ms
Shakespeare, William adapted by Brigit Viney    Henry V     ms/hs
Shelley, Mary adapted by Brigit Viney     Frankenstein (graphic novel)  ms/hs
Tulien, Sean      Pecos Bill: Colossal Cowboy   elem
Verne, Jules      20,000 Legends Under the Sea (Spanish)    elm/ms
White, Tracy      How I Made It to Eighteen     ms/hs

Historical  Fiction

Baratz-Logsted, Lauren  The Education of Bet    hs
Barrett, Tracy    King of Ithaka    ms/hs
Benjamin, Melanie Alice, I Have been      ms/hs
Chapman, Fern Schumer   Is it Night or Day?     ms/hs
Chibbaro, Julie   Deadly: How do you catch an invisible killer?   jr/sr
Coventry, Susan   The Queen’s Daughter    hs
Cushman, Karen    Alchemy and Meggy Swann ms/hs
deBlasi, Marlena  Amadine     hs/adult
Dogar, Sharon     Annexed     ms/hs
Dunlap, Susanne   Anastasia’s Secret      hs
Flores-Galbis, Enrique  90 Miles To Havana      ms/hs
Fortier, Anne     Juliet      hs/adult
Gleitzman, M.     Once  ms/hs
Harvell, Richard  The Bells   adult
Hoffman, Mary     City of Ships (Stravaganza)   ms/hs
Holt, Kimberly Willis   The Water Seeker  ms/jr
Lasky, Kathryn    Chasing Orion     hs
Lieberman, Leanne The Book of Trees secondary
McMullan, Margaret      Sources of Light  hs
Meyer, C.   The Bad Queen: Rules and Instructions for Marie Antoinette  jr/sr
Meyer, L.A. Wake of Lorelei Lee (Bloody Jack Adventure)     ms/jr
Pryor, Bonnie     Simon’s Escape: A Story of the Holocaust  elm/ms
Pryor, Bonnie     The Iron Dragon: The Courageous Story of Lee Chin     elem
Rinaldi, Ann      The Family Greene elm/ms
Rinaldi, Ann      The Last Full Measure   ms
Sedgwick, Marcus  Revolver    ms/hs
Shaw, Tucker      Anxious Hearts    jr/sr
Sheinkin, Steve   The Notorious Benedict Arnold ms/hs
Thompson, Paul B. The Devil’s Door: A Salem Witchcraft Story      ms/jr
Whelan, Gloria    Small Acts of Amazing Courage ms/hs
Wilson, John      Written In Blood  ms/jr


MacHale, D.J.     Morpheus Road: The Light      ms/hs
McBride, Lish     Hold Me Closer, Necromancer   hs
Myracle, Lauren   Bliss hs/adult
Smith, Andrew     The Marbury Lens  hs


McMullan, Kate    School! Adventures at the Harvey N. Trouble Elem. School    elem


Davis, Jim  Garfield: Potbelly of Gold    ms/hs
Ellsworth, Loretta      In a Heartbeat    ms/hs
Tesdell, Diana Secker editor  Stories of the Sea      ms/hs


Ali, Nujood with Delphine Minoui    I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced    ms/hs
Badoe, Adwoa      Between Sisters   ms/hs
Elkeles, Simone   Rules of Attraction     hs
Ingold, Jeanette  Paper Daughter    ms/jr
Lynch, Janet Nichols    Addicted to Her   jr/sr
Molnar, Haya Leah Under A Red Sky   ms/hs
Pawlak, M., D. Lourie,& R. Hershon  When We Were Countries : Poems and Stories by Outstanding High School Writers secondary
Preus, Margi      Heart of a Samurai      jr/sr


Amato, Mary Edgar Allen’s Official Crime Scene Notebook     elem
Banscherus, J.    Stage Fright (Pathway Books: Klooz) elm/ms
Bradley, Alan     The Weed That Strings the Hangman’s Bag   hs/adult
Brezenoff, Steve  The Burglar who bit the Big Apple   elem
Brown, Rita Mae   A Nose For Justice      jr./sr
Fagerholm, Monika The American Girl hs/adult
Freeman, Martha   The Case of the Rock’n Roll Dog     elem
Grant, Helen      The Vanishing of Katherine Linden   hs/adult
LaFevers, R.L.    Theodosia and the eyes of Horos     elm/ms
Michelhill, Barbara  Gruesome Ghosts(Pathway:Damian Drooth Supersleuth) elem
Peacock, Shane    The Secret Fiend (Boy Sherlock 4th Case)  ms/jr
Smith, Roland     I,Q. Book Two: The White House      elm/ms
Soup, Cuthbert, Dr.     A Whole Nother Story    elem


Hennesy, Carolyn  Pandora Gets Heart (mythic misadventures) ms

Realistic Fiction      

Michael Jackson   ms
Adler, David      A Little At A Time      elem
Angleberger,Tom   The Strange Case of Origami Yoda    elm/ms
Appelt, Kathi     Keeper  (galley)  ms
Bacskai, Andrew   Fighting The Legend     ms
Beaty, Andrea     Secrets of the Cicada Summer  elm/ms
Bell, Cathleen Davitt   Little Blog on the Prairie    ms/hs
Bell, William     Los Pandemonium   hs
Birdeye, Tom      Storm Mountain    ms/hs
Bishop, George    Letter To My Daughter   hs
Brody, Jessica    The Karma Club    hs
Burgess, Melvin   Nicholas Dane     hs
Chamerlain, Adrian      Rock Star   hs
Clarke, Judith    The Winds of Heaven     hs
Cox, Judy   Carmen Learns English   elem
Cox, Judy   Nora and Texas Terror   elem
Deuker, Carl      Payback Time      ms/hs
Doman, Kate (adapted by)      Crash jr/sr
Doman, Mary Kate (adapted by) Dive  ms/hs
Dooley, Sarah     Livvie Owen Lived Here  ms
Dowell, Frances O’Roark Ten Miles Past Normal   jr/sr
Dutton, Sandra    Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth elm/ms
Eagland, Jane     WIldthorn   hs
Ellis, Deboah     No Safe Place     ms/hs
Ellsworth, Loretta      In a Heart Beat   ms/jr
Elton, Charles    Mr. Toppit  adult
Farrar, Josh      Rules to Rock By  ms/jr
Freitas, Donna    This Gorgeous Game      hs
Gallagher, Diana G.     Monica and the Bratty Stepsister    elm/ms
Goldberg, Myla    The False Friend  adult
Gordon, Amy Twenty Gold Falcons     elm/ms
Gosselink, John   The Defense of Thaddeus A. Ledbetter      ms
Grant, Vicki      Comeback    hs
Greenwald, Lisa   Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes elm/ms
Halpin, Brendan   Shutout     ms/hs
Harvey, Sarah N.  Death Benefits    hs
Harvey, Sarah N.  El Sophon (Bull’s Eye)  ms/hs
Hawkins, Aaron    The Year Money Grew on Trees  elm/ms
Hengel, Katherine No Easy Race      hs
Hengel, Katherine Taking Control    ms/hs
Hengel, Katherine Wings ms/hs
Ignatow, Amy      The Popularity Papers   elm/ms
Keegan, Nicola    Swimming    hs/adult
Kelly, Bernadette Courage to Ride (Ridgevew Riding Club)    elm/ms
Kelly, Tara Harmonic Feedback hs
Kennedy, Kim      Misty Gordon and the Mystery of Ghost Pirates   ms/hs
Kinney, Jeff      The Ugly Truth (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)     elm/ms
Klise, Kate Grounded    elm/ms
Koertge, Ron      Shakespeare Makes the Playoff ms/jr
Koss, Amy Goldman The Not-So-Great Depression   ms/hs
Kramon, Justin    Finny adult
Kuskowski, Alex   Line Up     elm/ms
Landon, Kristen   The Limit   ms/hs
Maddox, Jake      Quarterback Comeback    elem
Marlow, L.Y.      Color Me Butterfly      hs/adult
Marshall, Shelley Molly the Great’s Messy Bed   elem
Marshall, Shelley Super Ben Writes a Letter     elem
Marshall, Shelley Super Ben’s Brave Bike Ride   elem
McDonald, Abby    Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots hs
Melville, Herman (adapted by Lance Stahlberg)   Moby Dick   elm/ms
Myracle, Lauren   Violet in Bloom (A Flower Power Book)     elm/ms
Nicholson, William      Rich and Mad      hs
Nielson, Susin    Dear George Clooney, Please Marry My Mom  ms/hs
Nolan, Han  Crazy ms/hs
O’Connor, Barbara The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester elem
Omololu, C. J.    Dirty Little Secrets    jr/sr
Omololu, C.J.     Dirty Little Secrets    ms/hs
Orlev, Uri  The Song of the Whales  ms
Pfeffer, Susan Beth     This World We Live In   hs
Phillips, Dee     Goal Right Now    elm/ms
Pierson, D. C.    The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To     hs/adult
Plum-Ucci, Carol  Fire Will Fall    ms/hs
Pulver, Robin     Thank You Miss Doover   elem
Ransome, James E. Gunner, Football Hero   elm/ms
Rech, Lindsay Faith     It Started with A Dare  hs
Reed, Lynn Rowe   Color Chaos elem
Rich, Simon Elliot Allagash   ms/hs
Rigby, Robert     Goal: Glory Days  ms/hs
Ryan, Amy Kathleen      Zen & Xander Undone     hs
Sales, Leila      Mostly Good Girls hs
Salter, Sydney    Swoon At Your Own Rik   ms/hs
Schraff, Ann      The Fairest ms/hs
Schraff, Anne     Like a Broken Doll      ms/hs
Schraff, Anne     No Fear     ms/hs
Schraff, Anne     The Fairest ms/hs
Schraff, Anne     The Stranger      ms/hs
Schraff, Anne     Time of Courage   ms/hs
Schraff, Anne     To Catch A Dream (Urban Underground)      secondary
Schraff, Anne     WIldflower  ms/hs
Schwartz, Ellen   Cellular    ms/hs
Senzai, N.H.      Shooting Kabul    elm/ms
Shulman, Mark     Scrawl      elem
Silberberg, Alan  Milo: Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze elm/ms
Stern, A.J.       Frankly Frannie   elem
Stevens, Eric     Flu Fighter (Finn Reeder series)    elm/ms
Stutz, Eli  Pickle Impossible elm/ms
Sullivan, J. Courtney   Commencement      college
Tashjian, Janet   My Life As a Book elm/ms
Towell, Ann Grease Town elm/ms
Tullson, Diane    Sea Change  ms/hs
Wesselhoeft, Conrad     Adios, Nirvana    jr/sr
Williams, Maiya   The Fizzy Whiz Kid      elm/ms
Wilson, Jacqueline      Kiss  hs
Winslow, Marjorie Mud Pies and Other Recipes    elem
Withers, Pam      Respira     ms/hs
Wyshynski, Sue    Poser jr/sr
Zusak, Markus     La Ladrona De libros (in Spanish)   jr/sr

Science fiction  

Bodeen, S.A.      The Gardener      ms/hs
Bradbury, Ray     Farenheit 451 ( Spanish language version) jr/sr
Briggs, Andy Virus Attack  hs
Briggs, Andy Dark Hunter      hs
Buckley, Michael  Nerds: M is for Mama  (BK 2)  ms/jr
Collins, Terry    Escape From Pompeii     ms
Cronin, Justin    The Passage hs/adult
Diterlizzi, Tony  The Search for WondLa   elm/ms
Foster, Alan Dean The Human Blend   ms/hs
Harland, Richard  Worldshaker ms/hs
Hauge, Lesley     NomansLand  hs
Jinks, Catherine  Living Hell ms/hs
Jinks, Catherine  The Genius Wars   ms/hs
McCaffrey, Anne & E.A. Scarborough  Catalyst    ms/hs
Moon, Elizabeth   Oath of Fealty    hs/adult
Murray, Kirsty    Vulture’s Wake    ms/hs
O’Brien, Caragh M.      Birth Marked      hs
Yu, Charles How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe   hs/adult

Spanish language 

Bell, William     La Tormenta (The Storm) ms/jr


Alcott, Louisa May & Porter Grand   Little women and Werewolves   secondary
Buffie, Margaret  Winter Shadows    ms/hs
Clare, Casssandra Clockwork Angel  (Infernal Devices Bk 1)  jr/sr
Dunkle, Clare B.  The House of Dead Maids
Feasey, Steve     Wereling    ms/hs
Harvey, Alyxandra Hearts at Stake (The Drake Chronicles)    hs
Jenkins, Mark Collins   Vampire Forensics hs/adult
Lancett, Peter    Killer in the Dark      hs
Lancett, Peter    The Dark Machine  hs
Malley, Gemma     The Returners     ms/hs
Marx, Mandy R.    Great Vampire Legends (Vampires(Capstone))      elm/ms
McMann, Lisa      Cryer’s Cross     secondary
Milford, Kate     The Boneshaker    ms/hs
Nadol, Jen  The Mark    hs
Noel, Alyson      Radiance    ms/hs
Pauley, Kimberly  Still Sucks To Be Me    jr/sr
Phillips, Dee     Dare: (Right Now Series)      ms
Quimby, Laura     The Carnival of Lost Souls    ms/hs
Rowen, Michelle   Demon Princess: Reign Check   ms/hs
Scrimger, Richard Me & Death  ms/jr
Smith-Ready, Jeri Shade hs
Springer, Nancy   Possessing Jessie ms/jr

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