Genre List 2014-15

TriState Reviews Genre List 2014-2015

Angus, Sam                A Horse Called Hero               Macmillan/Feiwel&Friends    ms/hs
Bedford, David            Two Tough Crocs                    Holiday House                       elem
Bee, William                Worst in show                         Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Browne, Anthony        The Little Bear Book               Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Bruel, Nick                   Bad Kitty Drawn to Trouble    Macmillan/RB   elm/ms
Burningham,John        Way To The Zoo                    Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Caple, Kathy               A Night at the Zoo                   Holiday House            pre K-elm
Carre, Lilli                   Tippy and the Night Parade     Random/Toon             pre K-elm
Chorao,Kay                 Ed and Kip                              Holiday House            pre K-elm
Corderoy, Tracey        Just Right for Two                   Candlewick                 pre K-elm
Dahl, Michael              Little Elephant Listens             Capstone/PW             pre K-elm
Davies, Nicola             The Lion Who Stole My Arm   Candlewick                 elm/ms
Deacon, Alexis            Cheese Belongs to You          Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Dempsey, Sheena       Bruno & Titch                          Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Dolan, Elys                  Weasels                                  Candlewick Press       elem
Gallagher,D.G.            Problem Pup                           Capstone/PW              elem
Gantos Jack                Rotten Ralph’s Rotten Family Macmillan/FS               elem
Gorbachev,V.              Cats Are Cats                         Holiday House              pre K-elm
Gorbachev,V.              Catty Jane Who Loved to Dance Boyd's Mills            preK-elm
Graham, Bob              Vanilla Ice Cream                    Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Helakoski,L.                Doggone Feet!                        Boyd's Mills Press      pre K-elm
Hest, Amy                   Letters to Leo                          Candlewick Press       elem
Hoena, Blake              Stubby the Dog Soldier WW1 I Hero    Capstone/PW             elem
Jakubowaki,M.            Big Dog Decisions (Sidney&Sydney Book3)        Capstone/PW    elem
Jones, Jen                  Dog Days For Delaney (Sleepover Girls)      Capstone/Stone Arch elem
Kennedy, Anne V.       The Farmer’s Away! Baa! Neigh!        Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Kessler, Liz                 Poppy the Pirate Dog’s New Shipmate (Poppy the Pirate’s Dog)            
                    Candlewick Press       elem
Kras, Sara L.              The Hunted: Polar Prey              Enslow                        elm/ms
Lauren Child               That Pesky Rat                           Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Leavitt, Martine           Blue Mountain                            Macmillan/Farrar Strauss    elm/ms
Lewin, Ted                  Can You See Me?                       Holiday House            pre K-elm
London, J.                   Here Comes Firefighter Hippo            Boyd's Mills Press      pre K-elm
McCully, Emily             Little Ducks Go                        Holiday House                        pre K-elm
McEwen, K.                 Bear Hug                                 Templar books/Random          pre K-elm
Michalak, Jamie          Doggie Duties                           Candlewick Press                   elem
Michalak, Jamie           Show’s Over (Fetch with Ruff Ruffman)        Candlewick Press     pre K-elm
Miilway, Alex               Pigsticks and Harold and the Incredible Journey (Pigsticks)                         
Candlewick Press       elem
O’Connor, George       If I Had a  Raptor                    Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
O’Neill, Gemma           Oh Dear Geoffrey!                  Templar/Random         pre K-elm
Ocean, Davy                Shark School                           Simon&Schuster/Aladdin        elm/ms
Paul, Ruth                    Red Panda’s Candy Apples  Candlewick     pre K-elm
Rosy Lamb                   Paul Meets Bernadette           Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Rudge, Leila                 A Perfect place for Ted            Candlewick     pre K-elm
Sattler, J.                      Uh-Oh, Dodo!                         Boyd's Mills Press      pre K-elm
Schaefer, Lola M.         Swamp Chomp                      Holiday House                        elem
Seidler, Tor                   First Born                                 Simon&Schuster/Atheneum elm/ms
Sierra, Judy                  E.I.E.I.O.: How Old MacDonald Got His Farm                                                                             Candlewick Press       elem
Spagnol, E. B.             Little Benguin                            Holiday House            pre K-elm
Stein, D. E.                  I’m My Own Dog                       Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Teckentrup, B.             Up&Down:a lift-the-flap book    Candlewick     pre K-elm
Thydell, Johanna         There’s A Pig In My Class!        Holiday Housepre K-elm
van Allsburg, Chris      The Misadventures of Sweetie Pie   
   Houghton Mifflin/ Harcourt Brace   pre K-elm
Wagner, Hilary              Lords of Trillium (Nightshade Chronicles)                                                                                             Holiday House         elm/ms
Wohnoutka, Mike          Little Puppy and the Big Green Monster       
Holiday House            pre K-elm
Yang, Belle                    Hurry home, hedgehog!: a bilingual book of sounds                                                                                         Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Yang, Belle                    Squirrel round and round: a bilingual book of seasons                                                                                                  Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Zommer,Yuval               The Big Blue Thing on the Hill        Random/Templar         pre K-elm

Anjelais, M.                  Breaking Butterflies                             Scholastic/Chicken Hse     hs/adult
Arnold, Tedd                 Fix This Mess!                                    Holiday House            pre K-elm
Burgess, Melvin           The Hit                                                Scholastic/Chicken House      hs/adult
Cassidy, Sara               Skylark                                                Orca          ms/hs
Coats, Lucy                  Captain Beastlie’s Pirate Party           Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Cooner, Donna            Can’t Look Away                                 Scholastic Press/Point        hs
Costa, Nicoletta           Olga the Cloud                                    Holiday House              pre K-elm
Coyle, Katie                 Vivian Apple at the End of the World              Houghton Mifflin          ms/hs
Degen, Bruce              Snow Joke (I Like to Read)                 Holiday House          pre K-elm
Egan, Kate                  The Great Escape (The Magic Shop)   Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends    elem
Feutl, Rita                    Bike Thief (Orca Soundings)                            Orca                ms/hs
Flood, C.J.                   Infinite Sky                                         Simon & Schuster/ Atheneum     jr/sr
Freeman, Shannon      A Port in Pieces (A Port City Novel)               Saddleback                 ms/hs
Freeman, Shannon     The Most Beautiful Bully Book 1 (Summit Middle School)     Saddleback     ms
Gantos, Jack               The Key That Swallowed Joey Pigza      Macmillan/Farrar Strauss   elm/ms
Gottesfeld, Jeff            Crush                                                       Saddleback     hs
Grimes, Nikki               Words with Wings                                    Boyd's Mills/Word Song      elm/ms
Helakoski, Leslie         Big Pigs                                                    Boyd's Mills Press      pre K-elm
Hidier, Tanuja Desai    Bombay Blues                                          Scholastic Press         hs/adult
Laybourne, Emmy       Savage Drift (Monument 14)                    Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends    ms/hs
Leach, Sarah               Warm Up                                                  Orca                ms/hs
Lieberman, Leanne     Off Pointe (Orca Limelights)                     Orca                ms/hs
Lowenburg, Bill           The Zorki Chronicles                                Amazon           hs/adult
Magoon, Kekla            How It Went Down                                   Macmillan/ Henry Holt    hs/adult
Manushkin, Fran         Cowgirl Katie (Katie Woo)                        Capstone/PW      pre K-elm
Massey, David            Taken                                                        Scholastic/CH     hs/adult
McCowan, Patricia      Honeycomb (Limelights)                          Orca                            ms/hs
McGill, Leslie               Hacker Bk3 (Cap Central)                       Saddleback                 ms/hs
Moses, Jennifer Anne Tales From My Closet                              Scholastic Press         ms/hs
Pakkala, Christine       Jasmine and Maddie                                Boyd's Mills Press      ms
Rosenberg, Madelyn   Nanny X                                                    Holiday House               elem
Schilling, Jeff               Changing Michael                                    Bancroft                       hs
Schroeder, Lisa           The Bridge From Me To You                    Scholastic Press/Point       ms/hs
Sheldon, Dyan             One or Two Things I Learned About Love    Candlewick Press       ms/hs
Strambini, Karla           Extraordinary Mr. Qwerty, The                 Candlewick Press       elem
Thomas, Erin               Forcing the Ace                                        Orca                ms
Voake, Steve               Hooey Higgins and the Tremendous Trousers (Hooey Higgins)      
       Candlewick Press       elem

Fairy Tale
Houts, Michelle            Winterfrost                                           Candlewick Press            elem
Bradman, Tony            Snow White and the Magic Mirror (After Happily Ever After                                                                                                                  Capstone/Stone Arch       elem
Crosby, Jeff                 The Rockabilly Goats Gruff                  Holiday House                  pre K-elm
Gaiman, Neil                Hansel & Gretel                                   Toon Graphics            elm/ms
Gerstein, Mordicai       You Can’t Have Too Many Friends!     Holiday House            pre K-elm
Hart, Caryl                   The Princess and the Presents           Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Kontis, Aletha              Dearest                                               Houghton Mifflin          elm/ms
Meister, Cari                Cinderella Stories Around the World: 4 Beloved Tales (Multicultural)                                                                                               Capstone/Picture window     elem
Pienkowski, Jan          Glass Mountain, The: Tales from Poland   Candlewick Press       elem
Snowe, Olivia              The Glass Voice (Twice Told Tales)  Capstone/Stone Arch elm/ms
Wang, Gabrielle          The Race for the Chinese Zodiac       Candlewick Press       elem
Yolen, Jane & Rebecca Kai Dotlich    Grumbles from the Forest: Fairy-Tale Voices with a Twist
Boyd's Mills/Word Song         elem

Alexander, Lloyd          The Book of Three                              Macmillan/ First Second           ms
Angelini, Josephine     Trial by Fire                                         Macmillan/Farrar Strauss         jr/sr
Baccalaro, Pierdomenico   Compass of Dreams (Enchanted Emporium) Capstone/Stone Arch elem
Baillie, Allan                 DragonQuest                                      Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Baldacci, David           The Finisher                                        Scholastic Press         ms/hs
Bardugo, Leigh            Ruins and Rising                                 Macmillan/ Henry Holt hs
Baskin, Nora Raleigh   Subway Love                                      Candlewick Press       hs/adult
Becker, Aaron              Journey                                               Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Becker, Aaron              Quest                                                  Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Boden, S.A.                 Shipwreck Island                                 Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends    elm/ms
Bracken, Beth & Kay Fraser   Hidden Things (FaerieGround)     Capstone/Stone Arch     ms/jr
Bright, J.E.      The Case of the Cheese Thief (You choose. Scooby-Doo!)  Capstone/SA     elem
Broach, Elise              The Miniature World of Marvin & James     Macmillan/ Henry Holt      elem
Burns, Laura J.           Bewitched in Oz                                  Capstone/Stone Arch       elm/ms
Cohn, Edith                 Spirit’s Key                                         Macmillan/Farrar Strauss         ms
Degen, Bruce              I Said, “Bed!”                                      Holiday House            pre K-elm
Depken, Kristen L.      Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer     Macmillan/ Henry Holt pre K-elm
Falkner, Brian             Northwood                                           Capstone/Stone Arch elm/ms
Fforde, Jasper            The Eye of Zoltar (Chronicles of Kazam)  HM/ Harcourt Brace         ms/hs
Fiedler, Lisa                Mouseheart vol 1                                Simon & Schuster/ McElderry   elm/ms
Fleming, Ian                Chitty Chitty Bang Bang                     Candlewick Press       elm/ms
Fuqua, J. Scott           The Secrets of the Greaser Hotel       Bancroft           ms/jr
Gardner, Sally             Three Pickled Herrings (Wings & Co., Bk. 2)   Macmillan/ HH     elm/ms
Haddix, Margaret P.    Palace of Lies (The Palace Chronicles #3)     Simon & Schuster/      ms/jr
Hahn, Rebecca           Creature of Moonlight                          Houghton Mifflin          hs
Hale, Shannon & Dean  Princess in Black, The                      Candlewick Press       elem
Hamilton, Tim              But!                                                      Holiday House            elem
Hoban, Russell           Jim's Lion                                             Candlewick Press       elem
Hosie, Donna             The Devil’s Intern                                  Holiday House            hs/adult
Howard, A.G.              Ensnared (Splintered #3)                     Amulet Books              hs
Kelly, Link                    Monstrous Affections                           Candlewick press        ms/hs
Kelly, Nikki                   Lailah (The Styclar Saga)                   Macmillan/ Henry Holt hs
Knudson, MIchelle       Evil Librarian                                       Candlewick Press       ms/hs
LaFevers, Robin          Mortal Heart                               Houghton Mifflin/ Harcourt Brace         ms/hs
Larson, Sara B.           Defy                                                    Scholastic Press         ms/hs
LeGrand, Claire           Winterspell                                          Simon & Schuster/      hs
Maguire, Gregory         Egg And Spoon                                  Candlewick Press       ms/hs
Marriott, Zoe                Name of the Blade, The                      Candlewick Press       hs
McAnulty, Stacy           Dear Santasaurus                               Boyd's Mills Press      elem
McPhail, David            Andrew Draws                                     Holiday House            pre K-elm
Moore,Tucker,Larkin    Neverwas                                           Scholastic/Arthur Levine     hs
Pashley, Hilton            Gabriel’s Clock                                   Houghton Mifflin/ HB         ms
Pearson, Mary E.        The Kiss of Deception (Remnant Chronicles)     Macmillan/ Henry Holt     hs
Poole, Helen               Clara’s Crazy Curls                            Capstone/Picture window      elem
Pratchett, Terry           Dragons at Crumbling Castle             Houghton Mifflin/Clarion          elm/ms
Reese, Jenn               Horizon                                               Candlewick Press       ms/hs
Riley, James               Story Thieves                                      Simon & Schuster/      elm/ms
Robaard, Jedda          Milo and Millie                                     Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Samworth, Kate          Aviary Wonders Inc.                           Houghton Mifflin/Clarion          all ages
Schecter, Vicky Alvear   Anubis Speaks: Secrets of the Ancient Gods
            Boyd's Mills Press      elm/ms
Skye, Obert                 Katfish (Creature From My Closet)     Macmillan/ Henry Holt       elm/ms
Starmer, Aaron            The Riverman                                     Macmillan/Farrar Strauss         hs/adult
Stewart, Yale               Battle of Super Heroes (Amazing Adventures of Superman)           
Capstone/Picture window      elem
Stiefvater, Maggie       Blue Lily, Lily Blue                              Scholastic Press         ms/hs
Stiefvater, Maggie       The Dream Thieves                            Scholastic Press         ms/hs
Sutherland, Tui T.        Against the Tide (Spirit Animals Bk 5)      Scholastic Press         elm/ms
Tashjian, Janet            Einstein the Class Hamster                Macmillan/ First Second           elm/ms
Thompson, Mary G.    Evil Fairies Love Hair                          Houghton Mifflin/Clarion          elm/ms
Wells, Marcia              Eddie Red Undercover                        Houghton Mifflin          elem
Westerfield, Scott       Afterworlds                                          Simon & Schuster/ Simon Pulse         hs
Yolen, Jane                 Centaur Rising                                    Macmillan/ Henry Holt elm/ms

Graphic Novel
Baltazar, Art                Trouble In the Arena                                       Capstone/Picture window      elem
Baltazar, Art & Franco Attack of the Toyman              Capstone/Picture window            elem
Beechen, Adam           Mad Mod is in Vogue! (Teen Titans)     Capstone/Stone Arch    elm/ms
Burgen, Michael           Frankenstein                                        Capstone/Stone Arch     ms/hs
Dalrymple, Farel           The Wrenchies                                     Macmillan/ First Second    hs/adult
Dauvillier, Loic 7 others  Hidden                                                Macmillan/ First Second      ms
Deneen, Brendan         Island of Misfit Toys                              Macmillan/ First Second    elm/ms
Doctorow, Cory and Jen Wong       In Real Life                         Macmillan/ First Second         hs
Duffy, Chris                   Above the Dreamless Dead                  Macmillan/ First Second     hs/adult
Fisch, Sholly                 Who Is the Mystery Bat-Squad? (DC Super Friends)   Capstone/SA elm/ms
Gravel, Elise                 Jessie Elliot is a Big Chicken                Macmillan/ Roaring Brook         ms
Guibert, Emmanuel       How the World Was; A California Childhood    Macmillan/ FS        hs/adult
Harkrader, Lisa             Coolbeans The Further Adventures of Beanboy    Houghton Mifflin   elm/ms
Hatke, Ben                    The Return of Zita the Spacegirl Book 3       Macmillan/ First Second    ms
Johnson, Lauren           Beastly Basketball                                Capstone/Stone Arch      elm/ms
Johnson, R. Kikuo         The Shark King                                    TOON Books pre K-elm
Kibuishi, Kazu               Escape From Lucien (Amulet- Book 6)         Scholastic/Graphix      ms/jr
Kunkel, Mike                 Magic Words!                                        Capstone/Stone Arch ms
Lendler, Ian & Z. Giallongo The Stratford Zoo: Midnight Revue Presents: Macbeth        
Macmillan/ First Second           elm/ms
Matheny, Bill                  Catwoman Gets Busted by the Batman (Batman Strikes)     
                                                                                                Capstone/Stone Arch            elm/ms
Matheny, Bill                  In the Clutches of the Penguin         Capstone/Picture window      elem
Miller, Davis                   War of the Worlds                             Capstone/Stone Arch         elm/ms
Novgorodoff, Danica     The Undertaking of Lily Chen            Macmillan/ First Second          hs/adult
Petty, J.T. and Paul Pope      The Rise of Aurora West           Macmillan/ First Second           ms/hs
Powell, Martin                Hound of the Baskervilles                 Capstone/Stone Arch            all ages
Rosen, Michael              Send for a Superhero!                      Candlewick Press       elm/ms
Rowe, Thereza              Hearts                                               Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Soo, Kean                     Jellaby: The Lost Monster                 Capstone/Stone Arch             all ages
Tamaki, Jillian               This One Summer                              Macmillan/ Roaring Brook         jr/sr
Torres, J.                       The Beast Boy Who Cried Wolf (Teen Titans Go!)  Capstone/PW     elem
White, Kiersten & Jim Di Bartolo   In the Shadows                  Scholastic Press                   ms/hs
Yang, Gene Luen & Sonny Liew   The Shadow Hero              Macmillan/ First Second           hs/adult
Smith, Matt                     Barbarian Lord                                  Houghton Mifflin/Clarion          hs/adult
Anthony, Nathan & Robert Gardner   Attack On Pearl Harbor in U.S. History       Enslow             elem
Biskup, Agnieszka          D-Day: June 6, 1944                         Capstone/Heinemann             ms
Fridolfs, Nguyen            Halloween & Thanksgiving (Batman: Ll’L Gotham)    Capstone/SA pre K-elm
Stone, Adam                  Hindenburg Disaster                           Scholastic/ Childrens Press    elm/ms
Weakland, Mark             Scooby Doo! A Subtraction Mystery: 
                                               The Case of the Disappearing Doughnuts   Capstone Publishers  elem
Yomttov, Nel                   Defend Until Death: Nickolas Flux and the Battle of the Alamo    
                                                                                                  Capstone Publishers              elm/ms

Langston, Laura          Hot New Thing                                    Orca    ms/hs
Butcher, Kristin            Alibi                                                     Orca    ms/hs
Freeman, SHannon     A Port in Pieces (A Port City High Novel)       Saddleback     ms/hs
Freeman, Shannon      High School High (A Port City High Novel)    Saddleback     ms/hs
Gottesfeld, Jeff           Independence Day (Stripped #3)                     Saddleback     jr/sr
Gottesfeld, Jeff           Showdown on the Strip (Stripped #4)               Saddleback     jr/sr
Gottesfeld, Jeff           Stripped Meet Alana/Stripped Meet Kaylee      Saddleback     ms/jr
Gottesfeld, Jeff           Wedding Bell Blues (Las Vegas Heiress/Las Vegas Transplant)  
                                                                                                             Saddleback     jr/sr
Gottesfeld, Jeff           xo Ronette  Book 1                                           Saddleback     ms/hs
Hamilton, Tim             The Big Fib                                                       Holiday House       pre K-elm
Lewis, Axel                 Canyon Chaos                                                  Capstone/Stone Arch elem
Lieberman, Leanne    Off Pointe                                                          Orca    ms/hs
Oatman, Linda            Otherwise                                                         Saddleback     ms/hs
Pearce, Jacqueline     Siege                                                                Orca    ms/hs
Polak, Monique           Straight Punch                                                 Orca    ms/hs
Ross, Jeff                    Above All Else                                                  Orca    hs
Ryan, Tom                   Big Time                                                           Orca    ms/hs
Schraff, Anne              Guilt Trip (Urban Underground)                        Saddleback     ms/hs

Amateau, Gigi  Come August, 
                                   Come Freedom: the Bellows, the Gallows and the black General Gabriel                                                                                                                Candlewick Press       ms/hs
Barker, .P.                   Mending Horses                                              Holiday House            ms/hs
Baskin, Janie              Paint Me A Monster                                         Enslow                        hs
Boyne, John               Stay Where You Are & Then Leave                 Macmillan/ Henry Holt       ms
Brown, Skila               Caminar                                                            Candlewick Press       ms/hs
Bunting, Eve               Washday                                                           Holiday House       pre K-elm
Castrovilla, Selene     Revolutionary Friends                               Boyd's Mills/Calkins Creek     elm/ms
Cole, Tom Clohosy     Wall                                                            Templar books/Random          elem
Cooper, Susan           Ghost Hawk                                               Simon & Schuster/ McElderry  ms/hs
Crowe, Chris              Death Coming Up the Hill                                  Houghton Mifflin/ HB       hs
Curtis, Christopher Paul      The Madman of Piney Woods                  Scholastic Press         elm/ms
Cutler, Jane                Susan Marcus Bends The Rules                       Holiday House            elm/ms
Dallas, Sandra            Red Berries White Clouds Blue Sky               Sleeping Bear(Cengage)     ms
Dowell, Frances O’Roark        Anybody SHining                       Simon & Schuster/ Atheneum   ms/jr
Draper, Sharon M.      Stella by Starlight                                   Simon & Schuster/ Atheneum   ms/jr
Dudley, David L.         Cy in Chains                                           Houghton Mifflin/Clarion       hs/adult
Engle, Margarita         Silver People: Voices from the Panama Canal     HM/ Harcourt Brace   ms/hs
Erskine, Kathryn         The Badger Knight                                              Scholastic Press           ms/jr
Farrant, Natasha         What We Did for Love                                         Enslow                     hs/adult
Fombelle, Timothee de     Vango: Between the Sky and Earth               Candlewick Press       ms/hs
Gordon, Amy               Painting the Rainbow                                          Holiday House             ms/hs
Harlow, Joan Hiatt       The Watcher                                           Simon & Schuster/ McElderry  ms/hs
Hartnett, Sonya           The Children of the King                                    Candlewick Press       elm/ms
Hegamin, Tonya Cherie          Willow                                                     Candlewick Press            jr/sr
Hill, Kirkpatrick             Bo at Iditarod Creek                                       Macmillan/ Henry Holt       elem
Larson, Kirby                Dash                                                               Scholastic Press           elm/ms
Lasky, Kathryn             John Muir: America's First Environmentalist       Candlewick Press       ms/hs
Lawson, Jessica          Actual & Truthful Adventures of Becky Thatcher   Simon & Schuster/    ms/hs
Longshore, Katherine  Manor of Secrets                                                Scholastic Press/Point       hs
Lucier, Makiia               A Death-Struck Year                                           Houghton Mifflin          ms/hs
Lynch, Chris                 Dead in the water                                                           Scholastic        ms/hs
Lynch, Chris                 Walking Wounded (Vietnam- Book Five)            Scholastic Press         ms/hs
Macauley, Jo                Inferno (Secrets and Spies)                                Capstone/Stone Arch      ms
Macauley, Jo                Treason                                                            Capstone/Stone Arch      ms/jr
Mazzio, Joann              Leaving Eldorado                          Houghton Mifflin/ Harcourt Brace         jr/sr
Meyer, L.A.                   Wild Rover No More (Bloody Jack Adventure)    Houghton Mifflin/ HB        hs
Miller, Bobbi                 The Girls of Gettysburg                                            Holiday House            ms
Mobley, Jeannie           Searching for Silverheels          Simon & Schuster/ McElderry Books  elm/ms
Morpurgo, Michael       A Medal for Leroy                                   Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends    ms/hs
Muten, Burleigh            Miss Emily                                                             Candlewick Press       elem
O’Neill, Alexis              The Kite That Bridged Two Nations        Boyd's Mills/Calkins Creek     elm/ms
Parenteau, Shiriey       Ship of Dolls                                                       Candlewick Press       elm/ms
Platt, Richard               Egyptian Diary: the Journal of Nakht, Young Scribe  Candlewick Press   elem
Platt, Richard               Pirate Diary: the Journal of Jake Carpenter, Cabin Boy   Candlewick   elm/ms
Rappaport, Doreen      Lady Liberty                                                          Candlewick Press       ms/hs
Rosenstock, Barb        Thomas Jefferson Builds A Library         Boyd's Mills/Calkins Creek     elm/ms
Schaefer, Jack             Shane                                                                Houghton Mifflin          hs/adult
Schecter, Vicky Alvear      Curses and Smoke                              Scholastic/Arthur Levine         ms/hs
Sherman, Delia            The Freedom Maze                                              Candlewick Press       ms/hs
Smith, Dan                   My Friend the Enemy                             Scholastic/Chicken House      elm/ms
Smith, Lindsay             Sekret                                               Macmillan/ Roaring Brook Press          hs
Whitby, Adele               Beth’s Story, 1914                                                  Simon & Schuster/      elem
Wiles, Deborah            Revolution: The Sixties Trilogy (Book Two)              Scholastic Press     ms/hs
Winters, Cat                The Cure for Dreaming                                   Amulet see Abrams, Harry      hs
Ylvisaker, Anne           Curse of the Buttons, The                                       Candlewick Press       elem
Zail, Suzy                    Playing for the Commandant                               Candlewick Press       elm/ms
Zettel, Sarah               Dangerous Deceptions                     Houghton Mifflin/ Harcourt Brace     ms/hs

Preller, James             One-eyed Doll (Scary Tales)             Macmillan/ First Second           elm/ms
Preller. Ames               Scary Tales/ Nightmare Land              Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends    elm/ms
Wooding, Chris           Silver: The Final Exam is Survival                     Scholastic Press         ms/hs

Byous, Shawn              Because I Stubbed My Toe                         Capstone Publishers  pre K-elm
Cousins, Lucy              Maisy Goes to the Movies                           Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Davies, Nicola              The Promise                                                       Candlewick Press       elem
Davis, Rebecca Fjelland     Medussa Tells All: Beauty Missing, Hair Missing      
   Capstone/Picture window      elm/ms
Gudeon, Adam             Ping Wants to Play                                     Holiday House            pre K-elm
McMullan, Kate            Get Lost, Odysseus (Myth-O-Mania)                Capstone/Stone Arch      ms
Rubbino, Salvatore      A Walk in Paris                                                Candlewick Press       elm/ms
SIlver, Charlotte           The Summer Invitation                 Macmillan/ Roaring Brook Press     ms/hs
Tullet, Herve                 Help! We Need a Title!                                Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Zuppardi, Sam              The Nowhere Box                                       Candlewick Press       pre K-elm

Freeman, Shannon      Listed (A Port City High Novel)          Saddleback     ms/hs
Harris, Robie H.          What's so Yummy?: All About Eating  Well and Feeling Good   
                                                                                                       Candlewick Press    elem
Hawke, Rosanne        Spirit of Mountain Wolf                        Enslow                        hs
Li-Qiong, Yu    A New Year’s Reunion                                    Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Peet, Mal and Elspeth Graham           Night Sky Dragons     Candlewick Press       elem
Sonnichsen, A.L.         Red Butterfly                                       Simon & Schuster/      elm/ms

Adler, Irene                  Soprano’s Last Song (Sherlock, Lupin, and Me)       Capstone/SA   elm/ms
Alender, Katie              Famous Last Words                                   Scholastic Press/Point            hs
Benedis-Grab, Daphne      The Angel Tree                                         Scholastic Press         elm/ms
Benoit, Charles           Cold Calls                                                    Houghton Mifflin/Clarion          hs
Berry, Julie                  The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place                  
                                                                                           Macmillan/ Roaring Brook Press      ms/jr
Broach, Elise               Revenge of Superstition Mountain (Bk 3)       Macmillan/ Henry Holt     elem
Cronin, Doreen            The Chicken Squad                           Simon & Schuster/ Atheneum      elem
Dahl, Michael              The Wizard and the Wormhole (Hocus Pocus Hotel) 
          Capstone/Stone Arch      elm/ms
Davies, Anna              Followers                                                            Scholastic Press         ms/hs
Fantaskey, Beth          Buzz Kill                                                               Houghton Mifflin          ms/jr
Flake, Sharon G.        Unstoppable Octobia May                                 Scholastic Press         elm/ms
Jones, Gareth P.         Outback Attack (Ninja Meerkats)             Macmillan/Square Fish            elem
Jones, Gareth P.         The Ultimate Dragon Warrior (Ninja Meerkats)  Macmillan/Square Fish   elem
Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody      Secret of the Mountain Dog                       Scholastic Press         elm/ms
Lane, Andrew             The Legends Begins Sherlock Holmes Snake Bite      Macmillan/FS           ms
Lane, Lindsay             Evidence of Things Not Seen                            Macmillan/Farrar Strauss    hs
Lockwood, Vicki         Magnificent Lizzie Brown and the Mysterious Phantom  Capstone/SA   elm/ms
McClintlock, Norah     About That Night                                                                         Orca       ms/hs
McClintock, Norah      From the Dead (The Seven Sequels)                                             Orca       ms
Milford, Kate               Green Glass House                                       Houghton Mifflin/Clarion     ms/hs
Neal, Bethany             My Last Kiss                                                 Macmillan/Farrar Strauss    ms/hs
Paul, Naomi                Code Name Komiko                                                            Enslow          ms/hs
Peacock, Shane          Double You (Seven Sequels)                                                Orca           ms/hs
Scrimger, Richard       The Wolf and Me                                                                        Orca           ms
Sonneborn, Scott        Prisoner of the Penguin                                          Capstone/Stone Arch elem
Staunton, Ted             Coda (The Seven Sequels)                                                   Orca            ms/hs
Sutton, Laurie             Ghost of the Bermuda Triangle (You Choose Stories: Scooby Doo)
     Capstone/Stone Arch elm/ms
Walters, Eric                Sleeper (The Seven Sequels)                                                     Orca    ms/hs
Wilson, John                Broken Arrow The Seven Sequels)                                          Orca       ms/hs

New Adult
Gottesfeld, Jeff           Frenemies,  Book 2 (Campus Confessions)             Saddleback         hs/adult
Hall, Sandy                 A Little Something Different                 Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends    hs/adult
Schaefer, Carole Lexa   Monkey and elephant go gadding                       Candlewick Press          hs
Schraff, Anne                To Die For (Urban Underground)                                        Saddleback     hs

Realistic Fiction
                                    Endangered animals: a 3D pocket guide                   Candlewick Press       hs
Acampora, Paul           I Kill the Mockingbird                  Macmillan/ Roaring Brook Press          ms/hs
Arcos, Carrie   There Will Come A Time                                 Simon & Schuster/ Simon Pulse         hs
Arnold, Elana K.           The Question of Miracles                                   Houghton Mifflin          elm/ms
Aronson,Marc  & Charles R. Smith, Jr. (Ed.)  One Death Nine Stories                   Candlewick         hs
Barakiva, Michael        One Man Guy                                          Macmillan/Farrar Strauss         ms/hs
Barnett, Mac                Sam & Dave Dig a Hole                           Candlewick Press              pre K-elm
Barnett, Mac and John, Jory  The Terrible Two                           Amulet see Abrams, Harry         elem
Betts, A.J.                   Zac & Mia                                                 Houghton Mifflin                             hs
Blackstone, Matt         Sorry You’re Lost                                      Macmillan/Farrar Strauss             ms
Booth, Coe                 Kinda Like Brothers                                   Scholastic Press                   elm/ms
Bowen, Carl                Phantom Sun                                            Capstone/Stone Arch            elm/ms
Brouwer, SIgmund      Tin Soldier(The Seven)                                                   Orca                       ms
Browne, Anthony        What If...?                                                 Candlewick Press              pre K-elm
Burningham, John       Picnic                                                       Candlewick Press              pre K-elm
Burns, Catherine Lloyd    The Good, the Bad, and the Beagle   Macmillan/Farrar Strauss       elm/ms
Cardi, Annie                The Chance You Won’t Return                Candlewick Press                          hs
Catherine, Marie         Time Together: Me and Mom              Capstone/Picture window       pre K-elm
Christopher, Lucy       The Killing Woods                                  Scholastic/Chicken House               hs
Clement, Nathan         Speed                                                          Boyd's Mills Press                 elem
Clifton, Lutricia Immortal Max                                                          Holiday House                   elm/ms
Combs, Sarah               Breakfast Served Anytime                           Candlewick Press              ms/hs
Crompton, Laurie Boyle          Adrenaline Crush                              Macmillan/Farrar Strauss         hs
Culbertson, Kim          Catch a Falling Star                                  Scholastic Press/Point            ms/hs
Dakers, DIane             Homecoming                                                                            Orca             ms
Davies, Nicola             Just Ducks!                                                 Candlewick Press           pre K-elm
Demetrios                    Something Real                                            Macmillan/ Henry Holt        ms/hs
Egan, Kate with Magician Mike Lane      The Incredible Twisting Arm         Macmillan/ F & F   elm/ms
Egan, Kate with Magician Mike Lane      The Vanishing Coin (The Magic Shop)         
                                                                                                      Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends    elem
Erlings, Fridrik              Boy on the Edge                                                        Candlewick Press       hs
Eulberg, Elizabeth       Better Off Friends                                           Scholastic Press/Point            hs
Finn, Katie                   Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things To Mend    Macmillan/ F & F  ms/hs
Freeman, Shannon      Taken                                                                                  Saddleback        hs
Freeman, Shannon      The Accident (Port City High)                                            Saddleback         hs
Freeman, Shannon      The Public Eye                                                            Saddleback          ms/hs
Gebhart, Ryan              There Will be Bears                                             Candlewick Press       ms/hs
Giff, Patricia Reilly       Hunter Moran Digs Deep                                    Holiday House            elm/ms
Giles, Gail                    Girls Like Us                                                               Candlewick Press       hs
Gillies, Isabel               Starry Night                                                   Macmillan/Farrar Strauss         hs
Gottesfeld, Jeff            Choices  Book 3                                                         Saddleback        hs/adult
Green, D.L.                  Zeke Meeks vs His Big Phony Cousin (Zeke Meeks)        Capstone/PW  elem
Greenwald, Tommy     Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Summer Vacation    
                                                                                             Macmillan/ Roaring Brook Press          ms
Greenwald, Tommy    CharlieJoe Jackson’s Guide To Making Money    Macmillan/ RBP         elm/ms
Gurevich, Margaret    Design Diva (Chloe by Design)                     Capstone/Stone Arch          ms/hs
Hahn, Mary Downing  Where I Belong                                             Houghton Mifflin/Clarion          ms
Harper, Charise Mericle      Alien Encounters (Sasquatch and Aliens)  Macmillan/ Henry Holt elm/ms
Harris, Teresa E.         The Perfect Place                                   Houghton Mifflin/Clarion          elm/ms
Henry, April          The Body In The Woods (A Point Last Seen Mystery)    Macmillan/ Henry Holt jr/sr
Herrndorf, Wolfgang    Why We Took the Car                                  Scholastic/Arthur Levine  hs/adult
High, Linda Oatman    A Heart Like Ringo Starr                                              Saddleback          ms/hs
High, Linda Oatman    Teeny Little Grief Machines (Gravel Road)                    Saddleback             hs
Hilmo, Tess,                Skies Like These                                        Macmillan/Farrar Strauss         elem
Howe, James              Also Known As Elvis                                 Simon & Schuster/ Atheneum      ms
illiams, Julie                 Drama Queens in the House          Macmillan/ Roaring Brook Press      ms/hs
Jacobs, Evans             Self Destructed                                                           Saddleback                hs
Jakubowski, Michele   Perfectly Poppy Talent Trouble                    Capstone/Picture window      elem
Johnson, Alaya           Dawn  Love Is The Drug                                 Scholastic/Arthur Levine         hs
Johnson, Terry Lynn  Ice Dogs                                                                 Houghton Mifflin          ms/hs
Kadohata, Cynthia      Half A World Away                               Simon & Schuster/ Atheneum   hs/adult
Kopp, Dwight              Grid Lock (book 3 in the Moderator)                            Amazon                ms/hs
Lewis, Gill                   Moon Bear                                           Simon & Schuster/ Atheneum      ms/hs
Lord, Cynthia              Half a Chance                                                      Scholastic Press         elm/ms
Mac, Carrie                 The Way Back                                                                          Orca               hs
Maccarone, Grace       A Day With Miss Lina’s Ballerinas                  Macmillan/Square Fish       elem
Manushkin, Fran         Katie Woo and the Fancy Substitute (Katie Woo)       Capstone/PW         elem
Martin, Ann M.             Rain Reign                                            Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends    elm/ms
Mathieu, Jennifer         The Truth About Alice                      Macmillan/ Roaring Brook Press          hs
McCowan, Patricia      Honeycomb (Limelights)                                                           Orca            ms
McDonald, Megan       Jessica Finch in Pig Trouble                           Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
McDonald, Megan       Rocky Zang in the Amazing Mr. Magic                        Candlewick Press       elem
McDonald, Megan       Stink and the Shark Sleepover                              Candlewick Press       elem
McGill, Leslie               Fighter (Bk1 - Cap Central high)                                Saddleback          ms/hs
McGill, Leslie               Running Scared Bk2 (Cap Central)                           Saddleback           ms/hs
McPhail, David            Bad Dog                                                                        Holiday House     elem
Meyerhoff, Jenny        The Barftastic Life of Louie Burger Class Burp           Macmillan/FS         elem
Miller, Edward              Recycling  Day                                                             Holiday House      elem
Mills, Claudia               Annika Riz, Math Whiz                             Macmillan/Farrar Strauss         elem
Monaghan, Annabel    Double Digit                                                         Houghton Mifflin          ms/hs
Moore, Stephanie Perry and Derrick Moore    
                                    Deep Soul/Golden Heart (Flip book)                                Saddleback     ms/hs
Moore, Stephanie Perry and Derrick Moore    Man Up/Real Diva(Flip book)            Saddleback     hs
Moore, Stephanie Perry and Derrick Moore     
                                    Quiet Strength/Scream Loud (Flip book)                               Saddleback     hs
Moore, Stephanie Perry and Derrick Moore    Truly Fine/Forever Hot(Flip book)   Saddleback  ms/hs
Northrop, Michael        Surrounded by Sharks                                           Scholastic Press         ms/jr
O’Porter, Dawn            Paper Airplanes                                         Amulet see Abrams, Harry      ms/jr
Pakkala, Christine       Going Green                                                           Boyd's Mills Press      elem
Pearce, Phlippa           Amy’s Three Best Things                               Candlewick Press       pre K-elm
Peschke, Marci            Green Queen (Kylie Jean)                          Capstone/Picture window      elem
Philbrick, Rodman        Zane and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina     
                                                                                        Scholastic Press/Blue Sky Press       elm/ms
Phillips, Ruby Ann      The Great and Powerful (Krystal Ball)         Capstone/Picture window      elem
Pichon, L                     Brillant World of Tom Gates                            Candlewick Press          elm/ms
Polak, Monique            Hate Mail (Orca Currents)                                          Orca                    ms/hs
Potter, Ellen                 Otis Dooda: Downright Dangerous          Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends    elem
Reedy, Trent               Divided We Fall                                             Scholastic/Arthur Levine         hs
Reedy, Trent               If You’re Reading This                             Scholastic/Arthur Levine         ms/hs
Reynolds, Jason        The Boy in the Black Suit                                     Simon & Schuster/      ms/hs
Rissman, Rebecca      A Cat’s Day                                              Capstone/Heinemann      pre K-elm
Rivers, Karen              Finding Ruby Starling                                Scholastic/Arthur Levine         ms/jr
Rocco, John & Jay Primiano               Swim that Rock                       Candlewick Press             ms/jr
Rodman, Sean            Final Crossing                                                                 Orca                ms/hs
Schantz, Sarah Elizabeth       Fig                                                            Simon & Schuster/      ms/hs
Schilling, Jeff               Changing Michael                                                     Bancroft                 ms/hs
Schraff, Anne              Bad Blood (Urban Underground)                              Saddleback            ms/hs
Schraff, Anne              I’ll Be There (Urban Underground)                            Saddleback                 hs
Schraff, Anne              Misjudged (Urban Underground)                               Saddleback                 hs
Schrefer, Eliot              Threatened                                                          Scholastic Press         ms/hs
Sheinmel, Alyssa B.    Second Star                                                   Macmillan/Farrar Strauss       hs
Skilton, Sarah              High & Dry                                                  Amulet see Abrams, Harry      jr/sr
St. Antoine, Sara         Three Bird Summer                                         Candlewick Press                ms
Stott, Ann                    What to Do When You're Sent to Your Room Candlewick Press               elem
Stuber, Barbara          Girl In Reverse                                 Simon & Schuster/ McElderry Books  jr/sr
Sullivan, Laura L.        Love By the Morning Star           Houghton Mifflin/ Harcourt Brace         ms/hs
Tasjian, Janet             My Life as a Joke (My Life As...)                   Macmillan/ Henry Holt      elm/ms
Toor, Rachel               On the Road To Find Out                              Macmillan/Farrar Strauss         hs
Torrey, Richard           Moe Is Best                                                    Holiday House             pre K-elm
Vail, Rachel                Rules, Tools, and Maybe a Bully (Justin Case)        Macmillan/ F&F         elem
Walters, Eric               The Rule of Thre3                                   Macmillan/Farrar Strauss         ms/hs
Williams, Carol Lynch    Signed Skye Harper                                          Simon & Schuster/      ms/hs
Winget, Dianna Dorisi    A Million Ways Home                                   Scholastic Press            elm/ms
Yi-Mei Tsiang, Sarah     Breathing Fire                                                                Orca                ms/hs

Science Fiction
Albin, Gennifer            Unraveled                                               Macmillan/Farrar Strauss         ms/hs
Almond, David             The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean Telt by Hisself   
                                                                                                     Candlewick Press                hs/adult
Brody, Jessica              Unforgotten                                               Macmillan/Farrar Strauss         jr/sr
Capetta, Amy Rose      Unmade                                                           Houghton Mifflin          hs/adult
Castellucci, Cecil          Tin Star                                           Macmillan/ Roaring Brook Press     ms/hs
Charbonneau, Joelle    Graduation Day (Testing Series)                         Houghton Mifflin          ms/hs
Charbonneau, Joelle     Independent Study                                                Houghton Mifflin          jr/sr
Clark, Georgia               Parched                                                                     Holiday House     ms/hs
Gale, Emily.                  My Super-Spy Diary (Eliza Boom)            Simon & Schuster/ Aladdin     elem
Gibbs, Stuart                Space Case                                                          Simon & Schuster/      ms/jr
Hamilton, Kersten        The Mesmer Menace (Gears and Gadgets)   Houghton Mifflin/Clarion    elem
Harrison, Zac               Galactic Battles                                               Capstone/Stone Arch           ms
Hautman, Pete            The Klaatu terminus                                                  Candlewick Press       ms
Hoena, Blake A.           Eek Discovers Earth (Eek & Ack)                   Capstone/Stone Arch         elem
Keller, Laurie                Invasion of the UFONUTS (The Adventures of Arnie the Doughnut)          
Macmillan/ Henry Holt          elem
King, Wesley               The Incredible Space Raiders from Space     Simon & Schuster/          elm/ms
Kwaymullina, Ambelin The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf                     Candlewick Press            ms/hs
Lipsyte, Robert            The Twin Powers                                         Houghton Mifflin/Clarion    elm/ms
Matson, Lynne             Nil                                                                  Macmillan/ Henry Holt
Meyer, Marissa            Cress                                                      Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends    ms/hs
Ness, Patrick               Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking #3)                     Candlewick Press       jr/sr
Ness, Patrick               The Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking #2)       Candlewick Press       ms/hs
Ness, Patrick               The Knife of Never Letting Go                                  Candlewick Press       jr/sr
O’Hara, Mo                  My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: The Seaquel                 Macmillan/ F & F    elem
Rutkoski, Marie            The Winner’s Curse (Trilogy Bk1)               Macmillan/Farrar Strauss    ms/hs
Scott, Victoria               Fire & Flood                                                         Scholastic Press         ms/hs
Searles, Rachel           The Lost Planet                                          Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends    ms/jr
Seven, John                Outlaw of Sherwood Forest (Time-Tripping Faradays) Capstone/SA     elm/ms
Smith, Greg Leitch       Little Green Men                                       Macmillan/ Roaring Brook     elm/ms
Smith, Roland              Mutation                                                              Scholastic Press         elm/ms
Struyk-Bonn, Chris      Whispers                                                                                    Orca       ms/hs
Sutton, Laurie S.         The Real Man of Steel (Comic . Superman)    Capstone/Stone Arch     elm/ms
Swain, H.A.                 Hungry: In the Future, Food Is Gone             Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends    hs
Waggoner, Susan       Starlight’s Edge                                                  Macmillan/ Henry Holt         ms
Webb, Philip               Where The Rock Splits the Sky                         Scholastic/Chicken House    hs
Yaccarino, Dan            elivery of Doom (Zorgoochi intergalactic Pizza)       Macmillan/ F& F    elm/ms

Alexander, Kwame      Crossover                                                       Houghton Mifflin          ms/hs
Aretha, David              A Hall Lot of Trouble at Cooperstown                        Enslow              elem
Aretha, David              Bossing the Bronx Bombers at Yankee Stadium       Enslow              elem
Aretha, David              Foul Ball Frame-up at Wrigley Field                          Enslow            elm/ms
Aretha, David              The Treasure Hunt Stunt at Fenway Park                 Enslow            elem
                                          (Baseball Geeks Adventure) 
Barwin, Steven           Hardball (Orca Sports)                                                     Orca          ms/hs
Cousins, Lucy             Maisy plays soccer                                          Candlewick Press      pre K-elm
Dahl, Michael             Goodnight Football (Sports Illustrated Kids)   Capstone/PW              pre K-elm
Harper, Jamie            Miles to the Finish                                           Candlewick Press        pre K-elm
Klass, David              Grandmaster                                                Macmillan/Farrar Strauss      ms/hs
Lupica, Mike              The Only Game                                                      Simon & Schuster/      ms
Maddox, Jake            Softball Surprise (Jake Maddox Girl Sports Stories) Capstone/Stone Arch elem
McIsaac, M.J.            Underhand (Urban Sports)                                                    Orca             ms/hs
Moore, Stephanie Perry and Derrick Moore       Stand Firm/All In (Grovehill Giants Flip book)         
    Saddleback         ms/hs
Terrell, Brandon           Fearless (Tony Hawk: Live2Skate)                    Capstone/Stone Arch     ms/hs
Terrell, Brandon           Solo (Tony Hawk: Live2Skate)                           Capstone/Stone Arch   elm/ms
Troupe, Thomas Kingsley      Second-Chance Soccer (Jake Maddox JV)   Capstone/S A            elem
Vernick, Audrey           Screaming At The Ump                            Houghton Mifflin/Clarion        elm/ms

Aguirre, Ann                                  Mortal Danger                           Macmillan/ Feiwel & Friends    hs
Black, Holly & Cassandra Clare         The Iron Trial                        Scholastic Press      ms/jr
Calmenson, Stephanie & Joanna Cole    Teacher’s Pets                Macmillan/ Henry Holt   elem
Damico, Gina                           Hell Hole                                          Houghton Mifflin          jr/sr
Kiernan, Celine                        Into the Grey                                    Candlewick Press       ms/hs
McBride, Lish                           Firebug                                             Macmillan/ Henry Holt jr/sr
McDonald, Megan                   The Shadow Lantern                        Templar books            ms/hs
Murphy, Jill                              The Worst Witch                                Candlewick Press       elm/ms
Poblocki, Dan                          The Book of Bad Things                    Scholastic Press         ms/hs
Schreiber, Joe Game Over,     Pete Watson                                       Houghton Mifflin          elm/ms
Steifvater,Maggie                    Sinner                                                Scholastic Press         ms/hs
Ward, RAchel                          The Drowning                                    Scholastic/Chicken House      jr/sr
Weatherly, I.A.                        Angel Fever  (Angel Series)               Candlewick Press       hs/adult

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