Genre 2009-10

Genre Lists 2009-2010


Animal stories   

Bauer, Marion Dane      The Longest Night       elem
Cox, Judy         Cinco de Mouse’O!       elem
Marshall, S.      Molly the Great Respects the Flag   elem
Polydorus, Lori   Wolves      elm/ms
Poydar, Nancy     Fish School elem
Regan, Dian C.    Barnyard Slam     elem
Savage, Sam       Firmin      adult
Sleigh, Barbara   The Kingdom of Carbonel elm/ms
Tripp, Jenny      Pete’s Disappearing Act elm/ms
Baratz-Logsted, L.      Crazy Beautiful   ms/hs
Berne, Emma C.    Ballet Bullies    elm/ms
Black, Chuck      Sir Bentley and the Holbrook Court  ms/hs
Black, Chuck      Sir Dalton: and the shadow heart    ms/hs
Gallagher, D. G.  Beware      ms
Hyde,Catherine R. Chasing Windmills jr/sr
Kyi, Tamya L.     La Verdad   ms/hs
Lyga, Barry       Goth Girl Rising  hs


Maddox, Jake      Stock Car Sabatoge      elm/ms
Maddox, Jake      Tennis Liar elm/ms
Margolis, Leslie Boys Are Dogs     ms
Martino, A. C.    Over the End Line       hs
Salton, Syndney, My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters   hs
Springer, Nancy   Somebody    ms/hs
Tayleur, Karen    Chasing Boys      ms/hs
Vaught, Susan     Exposed     hs
Warman, Jessica   Breathless  ms/hs
Whitney, Tim      Thanksgiving At the Inn ms/hs

Fairy tale

Chang, Grace      Jin JIn and Rain Wizard elem
George, J. D.     Princess of the Midnight Ball ms/hs
Baker, E.D.       Dragon Kiss (Tales of the Frog Princess)  ms/hs
Fairytale         Takes Charge      elm/ms
Breen, M.E.       Darkwood    ms/hs
Compestine,       Ying Chang  Boy Dumpling      elem
Hale, Shannon     Forest Born ms/hs
Hodges, Margaret  The Wee Christmas Cabin elem
Marlow, Layn      Hurry Up, Slow Down     elem
Peters, S.        The Princess and the Pea:  a Graphic Novel      elem
Rallison, J.      My Fair Godmother   secondary
Watts, Irene N.   Clay Man: The Golem of Prague elm/ms


Ash, Sarah        Flight into darkness: a novel hs
Baker, E.D.       The Dragon Princess     elem
Berry, Julie      The Amaranth Enchantment      ms/hs
Briggs, Andy Rise of the Heroes  ms/hs
Buckley, Michael  Nerds: National Espionage, Rescue, & Defense ms/jr
Cabrera, Jane     If You’re Happy and You Know it! (Board book)   elem
Caldwell, Theo    Finn the Half-Great     secondary
Carroll, Lewis    Alice In Wonderland     all ages
Connolly, John    The Gates   ms/jr
Dahl, Michael     Dragon in the Desert (Dragonblood series) elem
Dahl, Michael     Last Son of Kypton      elm/ms
Dahl, Michael     The Shrinking City      elm/ms
Dolamore, J.      Magic Under Glass ms/hs
Fantaskey, Beth   Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side      hs
Fein, Eric        y Frozen Valentine      elem
Gee, Maurice      Salt  (Salt Trilogy Book 1)   hs
George, Jessica   Dragon Spear      ms
Halpern, Jake     Dormia      ms/jr
Halpern, J.&P.    Kujawinski  Dormia      ms/jr
Henham, R.D.      Green Dragon Codex      ms/hs
Hennesy, Carolyn  Pandora Gets Lazy ms/jr
Johnsen, K.V.     Warden of Greyrock: Book Three      ms/hs
Jones, Carrie     Captivate   jr/sr
Jones, Carrie     Need  ms/hs
Jones, Jaida & Danielle Bennet      Shadow Magic      hs/adult
Kupperberg, Paul  Meteor of Doom    elm/ms
Kupperberg, Paul  Super-villain Showdown  elm/ms
LaFevers, R.L.    Flight of the Phoenix   elem
Larbalestier, J.  How to ditch your fairy ms/hs
Morris, Gerald    The Squire’s Quest (Book 9)   jr/sr
Overstreet, J.    Cyndere’s Midnight      hs
Pearson, Mary E.  The Miles Between       ms/hs
Perez, Marlene    Dead Is A State of Mind ms/hs
Peterson, Andrew  North! or Be Eaten      hs
Pulver, Robin     Never Say Boo     elem
Redick, Robert V.S.     The Red Wolf Conspiracy hs/adult
Reeve, Philip     Mothstorm   ms/hs
Sensel, Joni      The Farwalker’s Quest   ms
Siminson, Louis   Bizarroi’s Born   elm/ms
Soup, Cuthburt,Dr.      A Whole Nother Story    ms
Tocci, C. Lee     Stone voice Rising      ms/hs
Vaught, S.R. & J. B. Redmond  Oathbraker: A Prince Among Killers    hs
Weatherll, Cat    Wild Magic  ms/hs

Graphic novel 

Anderson, Hans C./Martin Powell     Thumbelina  elem
Biskup, A.        Uncovering Mummies:An Isabel Soto Archaeology Adv.    elem
Bowen, Carl       Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book   elm/ms
Collins, Terry    Building the Great Wall of China    elm/ms
Collodi, Carlo    Pinocchio   elm/ms
Dahl, Michael     Sugar Hero  elem
Dahl, Michael     The Man Behind the Mask elm/ms
Dahl, Michael     The Marshmallow Mermaid elem
Davis, Eleanor    The Secret Science Alliance   elm/ms
Gaiman & Kubert   Batman: Whatever Happened to the Capered Crusader? (Deluxe edition)     ms/hs
Hale, Shannon and Dean  Rapunzel’s Revenge      ms/hs
Hoena, Blake E.   La Leyenda del Jinete sin Cabeza / The Legend of Sleepy Hollow    all ages
Huchella, E.      The Secret Saturdays    elm/ms
Johnston, Antony  Wolverine Prodigal Son 1      ms/hs
Kneece, Mark      The After Hours   ms/hs
Kneece, Mark      Walking Distance  ms/hs
Kneece, Mark - Rich Ellis - Illustrator   The monsters are due on Maple Street: Rod Serling’s the Twilight Zone   ms/hs

Koontz, Dean      Frankenstein Prodigal Son:Vol  hs/adult
Lemke, Donald     Zinc Alloy: Coldfinger (graphic novel)    elem
Mack, Stan & Susan Champlin  
Road to Revolution (Cartoon Chronicles of America )   all ages
Marsh, Robert     Monster + Me      elem
Marsh, Robert     Monster In the Outfield elm/ms
Moore,Alan & Curt Swan 
Superman: What Happened to the Man of Tomorrow  secondary
Niz, Xavier             Drop in to the deep end : skateboarding with the Z-Boys     elm/ms
Peters, S. True/Hans Christian Anderson  The Emperor’s New Clothes     elm/ms
Powell, Martin    Rumpelstiltskin   elem
Powell, Martin,reteller  Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderlan elm/ms
Preece, Philip    Carnival of Horror      ms/jr
Pyle, Kevin C.    Katman      ms/hs
Rosenberg, J.     infinite typewriters    adult
Sato, Yuki        Yokai Doctor volume 1   hs
Suzumi, Astushi   AmeFurashi: The Rain Goddess  ms/hs
Tanaka, Hosana    Ninja Girls (Manga)     hs
Verne, Jules/ retold by Davis Worth Miller           
Viaja al Centro de la Tierra/ Journey to the Center of the Earth  elm/ms
Yomtov, Nel       Jason and the Golden Fleece   elm/ms


Bronte, C.        Jane Eyre  (reprint)    hs/adult
Bronte, Emily     Wuthering Heights hs/adult
Deseve, Peter     Crows & Cards     ms/jr
Donaldson, Joan   On Viney’s Mountain     hs
Dunlap, Suzanne   The Musician’s Daughter ms/hs
Elliott, P.       The Pale Assassin ms/hs
Ford, Michael     Birth of a Warrior      ms/hs
Ford, Michael     Legacy of Blood (Spartan Quest)     ms/hs
Fox, Daniel       Dragon in Chains  hs/adult
Geisert, Bonnie   Prairie Winter    elm/ms
Grant, K. M.      White Heat  ms/hs
Grant, K. M.      Blue Flame (Perfect Fire Trilogy, Book 1) ms/hs
Gregory, P.       The Other Queen   hs
Gunderson, J.     Fighting Spirit   elm/ms
Hennesy, Carolyn  Pandora Gets Heart      ms
Hoffman, Mary     Troubadour  ms/hs
Howard, Ellen     The Crimson Cap   ms/jr
Iggulden, Conn    Genghis: Bones of the Hills   hs/adult
Kadohata, C.      A Million Shades of Gray      ms/jr
Kent, Trilby      Medina Hill ms
Klein, Lisa       Lady Macbeth’s Daughter ms/hs
Klein, Lisa       Two Girls From Gettysburg     ms/hs
Kraske, Robert    Queen Elizabeth I of England  elem
Kristiana, Gregory      My Darlin’ Clementine   elm/ms
Lassier, Allison  The Middle Ages   elm/ms
Lawrence, L. S.   Escape by Sea     ms/hs
Lehrer, Jim       Oh, Johnny  hs/adult
Meyer, Carolyn    True Adventures of Charley Darwin   ms
Meyer, L.A.       Rapture of the Deep: A Bloody Jack Adventure    ms/hs
Michaelis, A.     Tiger Moon  hs
Miller, Davis     Float and Sting!:One Round with Muhammad Ali elm/ms
Miller, Dennis    Float and Sting   elem
Moss, Jenny       Winne’s War ms/jr
Myers, Anna       Spy!  ms/jr
Myers, Anna       Time of the Witches     ms/hs
Historical  Niz, Xavier W.   
Drop in to the Deep End : Skateboarding with the Z-Boys     elm/ms
Pryor, Bonnie     Pirate Hannah Pritchard: Captured!  elm/ms
Rees, Celia       Sovay ms/hs
Rinaldi, Ann      Leigh Ann’s Civil War   ms/hs
Rinaldi, Ann      My Vicksburg      ms/jr
Shaffer, Mary Ann & Annie Barrows  
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society   hs/adult
Spillebeen, G.    Age 14      ms/hs
Stevens, Eric     Hope: A Story of Change in Obama’s America elm/ms
Sutcliff, R.      Knight’s Fee      jr/sr
Terrell, Brandon  Dodger Dreams     elm/ms
Thompson, P. B.   Liberty’s Son: A Spy Story of the American Revolution ms/jr
Thompson, Ricki   City of Cannibals ms/hs
Vanderwal, A. H.  The Battle for Duncragglin    ms/jr
Wade, Mary D.     Amazing Civil War Nurse Clara Barton      elm/ms
Wilson, John      Death on the River      ms/jr
Wittlinger, E.    This Means War!   ms/hs


Priestly, Chris   Tales of Terror from the Blackship  ms
Randall, Thomas   The Waking: Dreams of the Dead      hs
Stoker, Bram retold by Michael Burgan     Dracula     ms
Whitten, A.J.     The Well


Faust vol 2 (English ed)      ms/hs
Browne, Dik       Hagar The Horrible      secondary
Cabrera, Jane     Ten in Bed (Board book) elem
Greenberger, R.   Arctic Attack     elem
Hartry, Nancy     Watching Jimmy    ms/jr
Jennings, Richard W.    Ghost Town  ms/hs
Jones, Jen        Braiding Hair: Beyond Basics  all ages
Maddox, Jake      Pit Crew Crunch   elm/ms
Maddox, Jake      Speed Camp  elem
Miller, Bobbi (re-teller)     Davy Crockett Gets Hitched    elem
Schoening, Hoena  Harley Quinn’s Shocking Surprise    elem
Sonneborn, Scott  Catwoman’s Classroom of Claws
Turgeon, Carolyn  Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story    adult


Anderson, Sheila  America Ferrera: Latina Superstar   elm/ms
Lieurance, Suzanne      The Lucky Baseball      ms/jr
McGuigan, Mary Ann      Morning in a Different Place  ms/hs
Salter, Sydney    Jungle Crossing   ms/jr


Bradley, Alan     The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie    hs/adult
Brezenoff, Steve  The Painting That Wasn’t There      elem
Brezenoff, Steve  The Village That Almost Vanished    elm/ms
Brezenoff, Steve  The Zoo with the Empty Cage   elm/ms
Fein, Eric        My Frozen Valentine     elm/ms
Freeman, Martha   Who Stole Grandma’s Million Dollar Pumpkin Pie? elm/ms
Hahn, Mary D.     Closed for the Season   elm/ms
Hale, Bruce       From Russia with Lunch  elem
Hoover, P.J.      The Navel of the World  elm/ms
Lemke, Donald     Man Behind the Mask     elem
Lemke, Donald     The Puppet Master’s Revenge   elm/ms
Low, Dene         Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone    ms/hs
Moss, Marissa     The Pharaoh’s Secret    ms/jr
Parkinson, C.     The Castle on Deadman’s Island      ms/jr
Peacock, Shane    Vanishing Girl    ms/jr


Tullson, Diane    Riley Park  hs
Adler, David      It’s Time to Sleep, it’s Time to Dream    elem
Anhalt, Ariela    Freefall   
Beam, Matt        Last December     hs
Bell, Joanne      Juggling Fire     ms/hs
Berne, Emma Carlson     Hoop Doctor   elm/ms
Bjorkman, Lauren  My Invented Life  hs
Boggess, Eileen   Mia the Magnificent (Mia Fullerton series)      ms
Boggess, Eileen   Mia the Magnificent (Mia Fullerton series)      ms/hs
Carlson, Melody   It’s a Green Thing (Diary of a Teenage Girl)    ms/hs
Carmichael, Clay  Wild Things   elm/ms
Chenoweth, Emily  Hello Goodbye     hs/adult
Choyce, Lesley    Running the Risk  jr/sr
d’Arge, Mackie    Lifting the Sky   ms/jr
Dekker, James C.  Impact      ms/hs
Denman, K.L.      Me, Myself, and Ike     ms/hs
Donaldson, Julia  Running On the Cracks   ms/hs
Doyle, Euginie    According To Kit  hs
French, S. Terrell      Operation Redwoo d      ms
Freyman-Weyr, Garret    After the Moment  hs/adult
Gallagher, Diana  Bad Luck Bridesmaid     elm/ms
Gallagher, Diana G.     Bad Luck Bridesmaid     elem
Gallagher, Diana G.     Boy Trouble       ms/jr
Gallagher, Diane G.     Pool Problem: Complicated Life of C.C. Cortez   elm/ms
Gallgher, Diana G.     
Sold: The Complicated Life of Claudia Cristina Cortez elm/ms
Gargee, Jeanne    Say the Word      hs
Going, K.L.       King of Screwups  ms/hs
Goldman, Steven   Two Parties, one Tux, and a Very Short film about the Grapes of Wrath   hs
Hagerup, Klaus    Markus and the Girls    ms/jr
Hale, Marian      The Goodbye Season      ms/hs
Halpern, Julie    Into the Wild Nerd Yonder     secondary
Halpin, Brendan   I Can See Clearly Now  
Haworth, Danette  Violet Raimes Almost Got Struck by Lightning elm/ms
Herrick, Steven   Cold Skin   hs
Hijuelos, Oscar   Dark Dude   hs
Howell, Simmone   Everything Beautiful    hs/adult
Johnson, Angela   Sweet, Hereafter (Heaven)     secondary
Johnson, Peter    Loserville  hs/adult
Jones, Patrick    Stolen Car  hs
Kinney, Jeff      Diary of Wimpy Kid: Dog Days  elm/ms
Kneale, Mathew    When We Were Romans     hs/adult
Kreie, Chris      Pressure Pitcher  elm/ms
Lynch, Janet N.   Messed Up   ms/hs
Mac, Carrie       Jacked      hs
Maddox, Jake      Back on the Beam  elm/ms
Maddox, Jake      Ballet Bullies    elm/ms
Maddox, Jake      Blizzard  (Impact Book) elem
Maddox, Jake      Disc Golf Drive   elm/ms
Maddox, Jake      Diving Off the Edge     elem
Maddox, Jake      Field Hockey Firsts     elm/ms
Maddox, Jake      Half-pipe prize   elm/ms
Maddox, Jake      Half-Pipe Prize   elm/ms
Maddox, Jake      Race Car Rival    elm/ms
Maddox, Jake      Race Car Rival    elm/ms
Maddox, Jake      Record Run  elm/ms
Maddox, Jake      Speed Camp  elm/ms
Maddox, Jake      Tennis Liar elm/ms
Madigan, L.K.     Flash Burnout     ms/hs
Margolis, Leslie  Girls Acting Catty      ms/jr
McCafferty,       Megan Perfect Fifths    college
McClintock, N.    Taken ms/hs
McClintock, N.    Back  ms/hs
McCoy, Sarah      The Time It Snowed in Puerto Rico   ms/hs
Messner, Kate     The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z.     ms
Michael, Jan      City Boy    ms
Murdock, Catherine Gilbert    Front and Center  ms/hs
Myers, Edward     Far From Gringo Land    ms/hs
Peck, Dale        Sprout      hs
Polak, Monique    The Middle of Everywhere      hs
Rebeck, Theresa   Three Girls and Their Brother hs
Reed, Lynn Rowe   Oliver, the Spaceship, and Me elem
Roy, James        Max Quigley Technically Not a Bully elm/ms
Ryan, Darlene     Five Minutes More jr/sr
Sartell, Debra    Time for Bed, Baby Ted  elem
Shipton, J.       Baby Baby Blah Blah Blah!     elem
Skovron, Jon      Struts and Frets  hs/adult
Smith, Andrew     In the Path of Falling Rocks  hs
Stevens, Eric     Hope!: A Story of Change in Obama’s America elm/ms
Stevenson, Robin  Inferno:  High School Can Be Hell   hs/adult
Stevenson, Robin  Into The Woods    hs
Tayleur, Karen    Famous: The Awesome Life of David Mortimer Baxter     elem
Waldorf, Heather  Leftovers   hs/adult
Whitehead, Colson Sag Harbor  hs/adult
Whitney, Tim      Thanksgiving At The Inn ms/hs

Science fiction    

Beck, Ian   PastWorld   ms/hs
Bertagna, Julie   Zenith (trilogy)  ms/hs
Briggs, Andy Council of Evil  ms/hs
Chang, Margaret   Celia’s Robot     elm/ms
Foster, Alan Dean Flinx Transcendent      ms/hs
Haines, Lise      Girl in the Arena ms/hs
Hoena, Blake A.   Live Wire   elm/ms
Hulme, John The Seems: the Split Second   ms/hs
Kneece, Mark      The Midnight Sun  ms/hs
Kneece, Mark      The Odyssey of Flight 33 (from The Twilight Zone series)    ms/hs
Lloya, Saci The Carbon Diaries 2015 hs
Malley, Gemma     The Resistance    hs
Ness, Patrick     The Ask and the Answer  ms/hs
Yolen, Jane Dragon’s Heart (Pit Dragon Chronicles)    ms/hs

Spanish language  

Butcher, Kristin  El Plan de Zee    ms/hs
Denman, K.L.      La Guerra de las bandas hs
Goobie, Beth      Ni un dia mas     hs
Grant, Vicki      Un Trabajo sin futuro   secondary
Murdoch, Patricia Revelacion  ms/hs
Ryan, Darlene     De Nadie Mas      hs
Walters, Eric     A Todo Velocidad  jr/sr


Chapman, Mary     The Haunting      elm/ms
Compestine, Ying Chang  A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts   ms/hs
Creive, Megan     Give Up the Ghost ms/hs
Doyle, Marissa    Betraying Season  ms/hs
Gibson, Marley    Ghost Huntress: The Awakening ms/hs
Harris, Lewis     A Taste for Red   elm/ms
Harvey, A.        Hearts At Stake (Drake Chronicles)  ms/hs
Hennesy, Carolyn  Pandora Gets Lazy elm/ms
Jinks, Catherine  The Reformed Vampire Support Group  ms/hs
Jones, Patrick    The Tear Collector      hs
Kaye, Marilyn     Demon Chick hs
Keats, Jonathan   The Book of the Unknown adult
Kingfisher, Rupert      Madame Pamplemousse and Her Incredible? elem
Klise, Kate       Dying to Meet You elm/ms
Langston, Laura   Hannah’s Touch    ms/hs
Larbalestier, Justine   Liar  hs
Nadol, Jen        The Mark    hs
Niffenegger, Audbrey    Her Fearful Symmetry    adult
Nobleman, Marc Tyler    Little Lightning  ms
Oyemei, Helen     White is for Witching   adult
Perez, Marlene    Dead is So Last Year    ms/hs
Petrucha, Stefan  The Rule of Won   ms/hs
Richards, Justin  Parliament of Blood, The      ms/hs
Rownen, Michelle  Reign or Shine (Demon Princess)     hs

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