Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Categories for fiction books

Animal Stories
Andrikson,Judy Fosta: Marathon Master Tundra Books
Auch, Mary Jane A Dog on His Own Holiday House
Barb, Olenyik M. Mr. Mosquito puts on his tuxedo. Holiday House
Church, Caroline J. Ping Pong Pig Holiday House
Cox, Judy One is a Feast For a Mouse Holiday House
Hunter, Erin Dark River (Warriors:Power of Three series) Harper Collins
Hunter, Erin The Quest Begins (Seekers series) Harper Collins/Tempest
Kelley, True The Dog Who Saved Santa Holiday House
Khan, Hana Taylor’s Birthday Party Red Cygnet Press
Leedy, Loreen Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story Holiday House
Monninger, Joseph Hippie Chick Front Street Books(see Boyd's Mill)
Nagda, Ann Whitehead The Valentine Cat Holiday House
Nishizuka, Koko The Beckoning Cat Holiday House
Rey, H.A. Curious George/ Jorge el Curioso Houghton Mifflin

Carter, Alden R. Walkaway Holiday House
Chalifour, Francis Call me Mimi Tundra Books
Dobkin, Bonnie Neptune’s Children Walker & Co
Ellison, Elizabeth Stow Flight Holiday House
Eulo, Elena Yates The Great Receiver Holiday House
Geus, Mireille Piggy Front Street Books (see Boyd's Mill Press)
Hardy, Mark Nothing Pink Front Street Books (Boyd's Mill Press)
Hegamin, Tonya Cherie M+O4EVR Houghton Mifflin
Hrdlitschka, Shelley Sister wife Orca
Hyde, Catherine Ryan Chasing Windmills Vintage see Random
Jaffe, Michele Kitty Kitty Harper Teen
Johnston, Julie A Very Fine Line Tundra Books
Koonz, Dean Your Heart Belongs to me Bantam see Random
Lowry, Lois Willoughbys Houghton Mifflin/Clarion/Graphia/Kingfisher
Margolis, Leslie Boys Are Dogs Bloomsbury see St. Martins
Mazer, Norma Fox The Missing Girl Harper Teen
Mikaelsen, Ben Ghost of Spirit Bear Harper Collins/Tempest
Stratton, Allan Chanda’s Wars Harper Collins/Tempest
Taylor, Brooke Undone Walker & Co
Vail, Rachel Lucky Harper Teen see Harper Collins

Hawes, Louise Black Pearls: a Faerie Strand Houghton Mifflin
Morris, Gerald Squire’s Tale Houghton Mifflin
Murdock, Catherine Gilbert Princess Ben Houghton Mifflin
Paul, Ann Whitford Tortuga in Trouble Holiday House

Alexander, Alma Spellspam (Worldweavers) Harper Collin
Baker, E. D. Wings Bloomsbury see St. Martins
Block, Francesca Lia Blood Roses Harper Collins/Tempest
Brooks, Terry Gypsy Morph (Genesis of Shannara) Ballantine/Random
Carranza, Maite War of the witches Bloomsbury see St. Martins
Dale, Anna Spellbound Bloomsbury see St. Martins
DeVitro,J. & B. Strickland Merian C. Cooper’s King Kong Full Cast Audio
Dunmore, Helen The Tide Knot (Ingo) Harper Collins/Wm Morrow
Durham, David Acacia Anchor see Random
Fagan, Cary Ten Lessons for Kaspar Snit Tundra Books
George, Jessica Day Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow Bloomsbury
George, Jessica Day Dragon Flight Bloomsbury see St. Martins
Hardinge, Frances Well Witched Harper Collins/Tempest
Hoffman, Mary City of Secrets (Stravaganza) Bloomsbury
Hoover, P J Emerald Tablet CBay Books
Landy, Derek Skullduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire Harper Collins
Levine, Gail Carson Ever Harper Collins(Trophy)/Avon/Greenwillow
Marr, Melissa Ink Exchange Harper Teen
McCaffrey, Anne & Todd Dragonheart DelRay see Random
Morris, Gerald The Squire, his Knight, and the Lady (The Squire’s Tales) Houghton Mifflin
Paver, Michelle Outcast(Chronicles of ancient darkness) Harper Collins
Thompson, Kate The last of the high kings Harper Collins/Tempest
Wolfe, Frances The Little Toy Shop Tundra Books

Graphic novel
Akamatsu, Ken Mao-Chan DelRay see Random
Elliott, David Wuv Bunnies from Outer Space Holiday House
Gaiman, Neil Coraline Harper Teen
Hale, Shannon and Dean Rapunzel’s Revenge Bloomsbury see St. Martins
Nisioisin XXXholic: Anotherholic DelRay see Random
Storrie, Paul D. Beowulf: Monster Slayer Graphic Universe (Lerner Pub)
Ueda, Miwa;Translated and adapted by Elina Ishikawa Papillon Random House

Barker, M.P. A Difficult Boy Holiday House
Fletcher, Christine Ten Cents A Dance Bloomsbury see St. Martins
Grant, K. M. Blue Flame (Perfect Fire Trilogy, Book 1) Walker & Co
Heneghan, Judith The Magician’s Apprentice Holiday House
Hostetter, Joyce Moyer Healing Water Boyd's Mill
Hull, Nancy L. On rough seas Clarion see Houghton Mifflin
Kafka, Franz Amerika: The missing person Shocken Books
Lemma, Don When the Sergeant Came Marching Home Holiday House
Lieurance, Suzanne The Locket: Surviving the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Enslow
McCaughrean, Geraldine The kite rider Full Cast Audio
Michaelis, Antonia Tiger Moon Amulet see Abrams, Harry
Mitchell, Jack The Ancient Ocean Blues Tundra Books
Polak, Monique What World is Left Orca
Roberts, Judson Road to Vengeance (Stronghold Saga Bk3) Harper Teen see Harper Collins
Sanchez, Anita The invasion of Sandy Bay Calkins Creek (Boyd's Mill)
Shaffer, Mary Ann & A. Barrows Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Random
Watts, Irene Good-bye Marianne Tundra Books
Wiseman, Eva Puppet Tundra Books
Zimmer, Tracie Vaughn Floating Circus Bloomsbury see St. Martins

Myracle, Lauren Bliss Amulet see Abrams, Harry
Priestly, Chris Tales of Terror from the Blackship Bloomsbury
Sanders, Scott Loring The Hanging woods Houghton Mifflin/
Stevenson, R. L. adapted by Alan Grant Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Tundra Books
Washington, Peter (editor) Ghost Stories Knopf see Random

Harper, Suzanne The Juliet Club Greenwillow see Harper Collins
Pulver, Robin Silent Letters Loud and Clear Holiday House

Craig, Colleen Afrika Tundra Books
Emesse, Tea Rami & the wedding ghost (Star sisters series) Mirror Stone
Hollyer, Belinda River Song Holiday House
Nanji, Shenaaz Child of Dandelions Front Street(see Boyd's Mill)
Weatherford, C. B. Becoming Billie Holiday WordSong (Boyds Mill Press)

Abrahams, Peter Into the dark (an Echo Falls mystery) Harper Collins
Barclay, Linwood Too close to home Bantam see Random
Dowling, Wick Trials of Kate Hope Houghton Mifflin/Clarion/Graphia/Kingfisher
Freeman, Martha Who Stole Uncle Sam? Holiday House
Jennings, Richard The Pirates of Turtle Rock Houghton Mifflin
Peacock, Shane Death in the Air (The Boy Sherlock Holmes) Tundra Books
Sternberg, Libby Recovering Dad Bancroft
Valentine, Jenn Me, the Missing, and the Dead Harper Teen

Realistic Fiction
Amato, Mary Take the Mummy and Run Holiday House
Andrekson, Judy J B Andrew Mustang Magic Tundra Books
Barshaw, Ruth McNally Ellie McDoodle New Kid in School Bloomsbury see St. Martins
Bauer, Michael The Running Man Greenwillow see Harper Collins
Burnham, Niki, &others Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Graphia see Houghton Mifflin
Byars, Betsy Blossoms meet the vulture lady (orig.1986) Holiday House
Byars, Betsy The Not-Just-Anybody Family Holiday House
Byars, Betsy A Blossom Promise Holiday House
Byars, Betsy Wanted. . . Mud Blossom Holiday House
Byars, Betsy The Blossoms and the Green Phantom Holiday House
Carey, Benedict The Unknowns: a mystery Amulet see Abrams, Harry
Chessa, Francesca Holly’s Red Boots Holiday House
Collins, B.R. The Traitor Game Bloomsbury see St. Martins
Connor, Leslie Waiting for Normal Harper Collins/Tempest
Cox, Judy Puppy Power Holiday House
Denman, K. L. Spiral Orca
Fehler, Gene Beanball Clarion see Houghton Mifflin
Ferraldo, Jack Big splash Amulet see Abrams, Harry
Flynn, Pat Out of His League Walker & Co
Galante, Cecilia The Patron Saint of Butterflies Bloomsbury see St. Martins
Golding, Theresa Martin Niner Front Street Books (see Boyd's Mill Press)
Grab, Daphne Alive and Well in Prague, New York Harper Teen
Grant, Vicki Res Judicata Orca
Greenwald, Lisa My life in pink and green Amulet Books
Gregory, Kristiana Bronte’s Book Club Holiday House
Harvey, Sarah The Lit Report Orca
Henkes, Kevin Bird lake moon Greenwillow see Harper Collins
Hernandez, David Sucker Punch Harper Teen
High, Linda Oatman Planet Pregnancy Front Street Books (see Boyd's Mill Press)
Hogan, Mary Pretty Face Harper Teen see Harper Collins
Howe, James Misfits Full Cast Audio
Kasischke, Laura Feathered Harper Teen
Kephart, Beth House of Dance Harper Teen see Harper Collins
Kneale, Matthew When we were Romans Doubleday see Random
Kring, Sandra Thank You For All Things Bantam see Random
Lecesne, James Absolute Brightness Harper Teen
Lieberman, Leanne Gravity Orca
Lockheart, E. et al How to be Bad Harper Collins/Tempest
Mitchard, Jaquelyn All We Know of Heaven Harper Collins/Wm Morrow
Myers, Walter Dean Game Harper Teen
Nielsen, Susin Word nerd Tundra Books
Poydar, Nancy Zip, Zip . . . Homework Holiday House
Rennison, Louise Stop in the Name of Pants! Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Harper Teen
Robertus, Polly M. The Richest Doll in the World Holiday House
Roe, Monica M. Thaw Front Street Books (see Boyd's Mill Press)
Sand-Eveland, Cyndi Dear Toni Tundra Books
Schmidt, Gary D. Trouble Clarion see Houghton Mifflin
Scott, Elizabeth Stealing Heaven Harper Teen
Seabrooke, Brenda Cemetery Street Holiday House
Shaw, Tucker The Girls Amulet see Abrams, Harry
Spinelli, Jerry Smiles to Go Harper Collins/Joanna Cotler
Stevenson, Robin A Thousand Shades of Blue Orca
Tilly, Meg First Time Orca
Townsend, Wendy Lizard Love Front Street Books (see Boyd's Mill Press)
Trottier, Maxine Three Songs for Courage Tundra Books
Trueman, Terry Hurricane Harper Collins/Tempest
Vaught, Susan Big fat manifesto Bloomsbury see St. Martins
Vincent, Zu Lucky Place, The Front Street Books (see Boyd's Mill Press)
Zimmer, Tracie Vaughn 42 miles Clarion see Houghton Mifflin

Science fiction
Daley, Michael J. Rat Trap Holiday House
Foster, Alan Dean Quofum Ballantine see Random
Grant, Michael Gone Harper Teen
Hobbs, Will Go Big or Go Home Harper Collins/Tempest
Lloya, Saci The Carbon Diaries 2015 Holiday House
Stahler, David Jr. OtherSpace (Truesight trilogy Book 3) EOS see Harper Collins
Traviss, Karen Order 66: A republic commando novel DelRay see Random

Belkom, Edo Van Wolf Man Tundra Books
Bell, Cathleen D. Slipping Bloomsbury see St. Martins
Collier, James Lincoln The Dreadful Revenge of Ernest Gallen Bloomsbury see St. Martins
Delaney, J. The Last Apprentice: Attack of the Fiend (3rd volume) Harper Collins/Tempest
Hahn, Mary D. All the Lovely Bad Ones: a Ghost Story Clarion see Houghton Mifflin
Hightman, J.P. Spirit Harper Teen see Harper Collins
Jenkins, A.M. Night Road Harper Collins/Wm Morrow
Richards, Justin Parliament of Blood, The Bloomsbury see St. Martins
Staub, W. C. Lily Dale : Believing Walker
Yancey, Rick Alfred Kropp: the Thirteenth Skull Bloomsbury see St. Martins


Anonymous said...

This is a great list of books. Thanks for putting it together.

michele said...

Hi Linda,
I have just read "One is a Feast for a Mouse". I think this is a great book for its simplicity, lovely illustrations and good message about taking what you need, not what you desire. A good lesson in today's world.

TC/Middle School lit said...

What a great list of books and a great resource for teachers. Thanks to everyone who worked to put this site together. This is awesome!

Jen Schultz said...

Hi Linda,
I think Curious George, by H.A. Rey is an adorable timeless adventure of a monkey who is very curious, something we want all of our children to be (at least a little bit).

Jen Schultz said...

Hi Linda,
I am very interested to read "Bird Lake Moon" by Kevin Henkes because he is the author of some of my favorite picture books: "Wemberly Worried" and "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse". I think he does an amazing job capturing the feelings of these characters, it would be interesting to read what he does in a Realistic Fiction chapter book.