Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Dragon Princess.

Baker, E.D. The Dragon Princess.
Bloomsbury see St. Martins 2008 218p 16.99 978-1-59990-194-7 elem

Although a princess, Millie cannot keep herself from turning unexpectedly into a dragon, so she ventures off to the Frozen North to find the Blue Witch, who she hopes will help her learn to control her dragon magic. Talk about anger management issues....Princess Millie has a serious problem. Just as Bruce Banner morphed into the Incredible Hulk when he would experience strong emotions such as anger, Millie morphs into a dragon whenever she gets angry. This tends to scare off potential boyfriends and alienates girlfriends. On the other side of the coin, it comes in handy when needing to rescue friends from a certain death and being able to sense the presence of magic is an added bonus. Nonetheless, being an uncontrollable dragon is a drag for Millie, so she journeys to the faraway Frozen North with her cousin and a vampire bat to find the one person whom she thinks can help her exert some control over her transformation. The Blue Witch may have the magic to help her, but first Millie must find a way around the abominable snowmen who guard the Blue Witch. Her bravery makes for a happy ending. Millie is a fun character that is attractive to young readers, and the humor makes this a good introduction to the fantasy genre for middle readers. Although this is the sixth in The Tales of the Frog Princess series, it is unnecessary to be familiar with previous books to enjoy this one. R. Zajko

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