Sunday, August 16, 2009

Genghis: Bones of the Hills.

Iggulden, Conn Genghis: Bones of the Hills.
Delacorte see Random 2009 405p 25.00 978-0-385-33953-7 hs/adult

The third in a series, Genghis has an immense empire. His sons assume leadership as the Monguls invade Arab lands. Fierce battles, loyalty and betrayal all move the plot forward at an exciting pace. Historical notes at the end of the book. Grades 10-adult. The third in a series, this book establishes the sons of Genghis as the next generation of leaders of the Mongul people. A chart of family connections would have proved helpful to readers new to the series. This book is an exciting, fast paced tour de force as the Mongul warriors invade Arab lands. An older Genghis maintains a firm hold on his people and determines the next territory to be conquered. He educates his sons in battle and promotes them to leadership positions sending them out with their own army units to expand the empire. Daily lifestyle, both at the home camps as well as out on the road, is mixed with rivalries between brothers and fierce enemies to be conquered. The reader is pulled along with the superb narrative that evokes not only the landscape, but the smells and sounds of the Mongul camps and battles. Iggulden always surprises with a twist to the plot based upon historical fact. At the end of the book, deviations from history are noted is a listing of books to be read by those who want to know more about Genghis. The death of Genghis at the hands of his wife leaves open a chance of another book in the series about the new Khan, Ogedai, son of Genghis. Rousing reading that is hard to put down. Excellent for readers in grades 10 and up who love battle scenes and great historical fiction. L.McNicol

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