Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Time to Sleep, it's Time to Dream.

Adler, David It's Time to Sleep, it's Time to Dream.
Holiday House 2009 32p 16.95 978-0-8234-1924-1 elem

"A parent lulls a child to sleep with visions of soft spring breezes, lazy summer days, cool autumn winds, and moonlit winter nights." Written for elementary students and their parents, this easy fiction title on bedtime will be a hit with parents who use it to comfort their child for bedtime. Adler uses basic language and repetitive text to describe each of the four seasons and to comfort the child. Almost each double-page spread begins with "it's time to sleep; it's time to dream." The child and his stuffed rabbit are seen exploring various seasonal changes including leaves and snow falling, beach adventures, picking spring flowers, and being surrounded by wonderful animals, including nighthawks, chipmunks, turtles, toads, black bears, and various birds.

The illustrator, Kay Chorao, uses silhouettes on each double-page spread that shows the family preparing for bedtime. Beautifully illustrated with colored pencil and watercolor, these soothing pictures will put any child to sleep or be able to assist a family undergo the sometimes difficult task of putting a child to bed. Simple text and great illustrations will make this title very appealing to young readers. C. Forba-Mayer

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