Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lincoln Through the Ages.

Sandler, Martin W. Lincoln Through the Ages.
Walker & Co, 2008, 94p, 19.99, 978-0-8027-9666-4, ms/hs

Contains over one hundred images of the life of Abraham Lincoln that provides a portrait of his presidency and the events surrounding it. With this year celebrating the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, there is a plethora of newly published books to mark the occasion.
This title stands as one of the more remarkable books currently available. Using primary source photographs, Sandler presents an immensely readable photo-biography of a man who was the president during the crossroads of American history. Each two page spread focuses on a particular topic. The first several “chapters” (there is no Table of Contents) present an overview of Lincoln’s life and the introduction of photography, a new technology, as a means of recording history. Subsequent chapters follow Lincoln’s life in chronological order. The recto is either a full page primary source black and white photo or a color illustration; the companion verso page is titled from a Lincoln quote that introduces the narrative. Additional photos are included on the verso. The narrative is succinct, informative, and easily understood by students who may not have much background knowledge of this period in American history. Narratives range from the serious (”Shocking a Nation”) to the humorous (”Lincoln’s Beard”). Concluding chapters discuss the manhunt for John Wilkes Booth and Lincoln’s Legacy. The layout is compelling, with pleasing color plates and corresponding color highlighting the quotes. Back matter includes sources, information for further reading, and an index.
This handsome title is a must have for any collection. R. Zajko

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