Sunday, August 16, 2009

Operation Redwood.

French, S. Terrell Operation Redwood.
Amulet see Abrams, Harry 2009 355p 16.95 978-0-8109-8354-0 ms

Julian Carter-Li discovers important emails on his uncle's computer which sets the stage for an exciting summer adventure. Julian Carter-Li, left by his mother for the summer with his little-known paternal uncle Sibley's family, understands that he is not wanted but he is shocked to find out that they plan on shipping him off to math and language camps for the entire summer. After taking ill at school, he waits in his uncle's office and discovers an email with his name on it on the computer. While reading it, another email comes through that denounces his uncle's actions in the planned clear cutting of one of the last stands of old-growth redwoods in California. Julian decides that this is the last straw and begins planning on a course of action. He and his friend Danny respond to Robin's email and the eco-adventure begins. While the plot is a trifle far-fetched, with the young people reacting to the situation with a maturity beyond their years and the emails acting as a deus ex machina, the book is an action-packed invitation to the readers to think seriously about the future of the planet. An excellent background is presented about the history of the California redwoods, their increasing small range, and the roles of environmentalists have in protecting them. The ethnic- and age-diverse youngsters are more fully developed characters than the adults but the whole enterprise comes together in a most satisfying manner. S.Ogintz

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