Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Rule of Won

Petrucha, Stefan The Rule of Won
Walker & Co 2008 227 16.99 9780802796516 ms/hs

If you read the book "The rule of Won" you life will change and you will get your hearts desire. Caleb the slacker read the book and followed along until things started going wrong! Now it seems it is up to him to right the wrongs before someone gets killed. Caleb Dunne is a slacker and enjoys being a slacker. Then the day came when he finds himself at the wrong at the wrong time. His school is rebuilding their gym and as Caleb out of curiosity goes to take a look the roof caves in, and in fear he runs... bad move. He is now persona-non-grata, and even his girlfriend is keeping her distance. Then she gives him a book to read called "The Rule of Won." Next thing Caleb knows he is involved in a movement that is taking the school by storm and creating a following the likes he has never seen, and the leader is a senior who believes he has power to change everything and he is making everyone believe they can change anything if they chant and meditate together. At first, Caleb kind of follows the movement if only to get his girlfriend back but then something terrible happens to one of the teachers who is really tuff in math and almost everyone has a hard time passing his class. At first, Caleb just thinks it is plain coincidence but then something else happens to set him to thinking that something is not right if people are getting hurt.

This is when Caleb the slacker stops being a slacker and mobilizes students to start thinking for themselves and stop following like sheep to a slaughter.
A touch of the supernatural but the real story is about how Caleb faces life and makes life changing decisions. M.Diaz

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