Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wild Magic

Weatherill, Cat. Wild Magic
Walker & Co 2007 278 16.99 9780802797995 ms/hs

When the piper comes to town, he is looking for someone but as his music is so sweet he is convinced that he can help get rid of the mice. And so he does, but the price not paid, cost the villager their children. This is story of what happened once they left the village. When the piper came to town, he was looking for someone, and he believed he had found that person. He was not sure how he was going to spirit away the person when an idea came up. The villagers needed to get rid of the mice that were pestering the village. At first, he said he did not want payment but the villagers insisted and so pay a very reasonable amount the piper got rid of the mice with his music that was so sweet and hypnotic. The village clean of all vermin, the piper goes to collect his reward but the mayor refuses to pay the piper. Feeling used and ridiculed the piper turns to the children and plays. His pipe and the children follow him out of town and into the mountain. All children were taken except the crippled boy, Jakob.

Now Jacob is determined to go into the mountain to save his sister. She has been his salvation since their mother died, and now he must come through for her. Jacob's adventure is one he will never forget for starters once he enters the mountains. His ailment disappears, and he can walk.

A magical walk into fantasy land. The ending is little bit unconventional but all in all satisfying. M.Diaz

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Kerry Morgan said...

Oh goodness! I just can't pass this up! Please allow me to introduce you to Angela Mystique, paranormal Assassin extraordinaire. This woman astrally travels and avenges the dead.

Really fun read with tons of paranormal action!

Thanks for letting me leave a note!

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