Sunday, November 15, 2009

Batman: Whatever Happened to the Capered Crusader? (Deluxe edition)

Gaiman, Neil & Andy Kubert. Batman: Whatever Happened to the Capered Crusader? (Deluxe edition)
DC Comics 2009 unp 24.99 978-1-1401-2230-3-8 ms/hs

Batman's Death is the focus with subplots related to Catwoman, The Joker and the Riddler. Three other stories include Black and White World, Pavane about Poison Ivy, and Original Sins about the Riddler. Exquisite color, crisp artistry and superhero status will enthrall any Batman fan of any age.
Gaiman manages to capture the essence of Batman through the story of Batman's funeral. All his associates, both friend or foe, show up at his funeral. Featured are the Joker and Catwoman. For those unfamiliar with Batman's Gotham city, readers will find about Batman's early life as well as the lives of those he fights. Exquisite color and crisp artistry by Andy Kubert and Scott Williams and easy to read text draw the reader into the story. The artistry renders Batman from the perspective of many former Batman illustrators. One section shows the creation of a few pages from the rough layout through pencil renderings. Perfect for the art student who wants to draw Batman and Gotham City. The stories of Poison Ivy, Cat Woman and The Riddler flesh out the intricate personalities that Batman encounters. Whether a new fan of Batman or a lifelong fan of the series, this book will be a must purchase for all due to the excellent art work - some almost like oil paintings - that engage the reader to look deeper into the artwork to find hidden insights. Mention of classics such as Moby Dick, Shakespeare and even "Goodnight Moon" abound. The suspense of each section will carry the reader deep into the story line. A must purchase for Batman aficionados of any age. LMcN Superheroes

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