Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hennesy, Carolyn. Pandora Gets Lazy.

Hennesy, Carolyn. Pandora Gets Lazy.
Bloomsbury see St. Martins 2009 277p 14.99 978-1-59990-198-5 elm/ms

Greek myths gone modern. Pandora is trying to recapture the evils she loosed on the world, accompanied by three friends and with some help from the Gods. Taking place in ancient times, Pandy and her friends speak modern slang, well totally, duh. Greek myths with a modern twist. Pandora and three friends, Iole, Alcie, and Homer, are attempting to recapture the evils she released into the world. In this, the third book, Pandy , as she prefers to be known, is on the trail of Laziness. It has taken root in her uncle Atlas. He is having men captured from all over the ancient world to take his place holding up the heavens. Each man is set on a pillar and survived only three days. Homer is captured by pirates and sold to slavers to be brought to the mountains to serve his turn. Pandora has been traveling a different route to the same mountain since she fell out of Apollo's chariot. This is the high mountain where Atlas was fated to spend eternity at his task. Using wit, luck, bravery, some cunning, and a bit of help from the Gods, the four friends achieve their task and set off in search of the next evil.

Designed to catch the wave of interest in Greek myths generated by Riordan's series, this series is an acceptable imitation. A pleasurable read possibly enticing girls to read more mythology. JT.

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