Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bruce, Julia. Sail!: Can you command a sea voyage?

Bruce, Julia Sail!: Can you command a sea voyage?
Enslow 2009 32p 23.00 9780766034778 elem
Step Into History (Enslow)

A book that will teach you how to successfully complete a voyage from Portugal to India in search of spices in the 1500. The King of Portugal has given the task of finding a route to India to bring home spice. The year is 1598 and you will have to map the route, choose enough supplies to feed a crew and provide clean water for this long voyage. AS the captain you will have to take into consideration the rainy season, the trade winds and the storms.

You will learn what it takes to supply your ship to feed all aboard and who to take with you, such as a doctor for any illness that may occur.

This fun book will have kids searching, looking counting and exploring as well as mapping an exciting imaginary trip to find spice in India. The book can be taken and turned into a class project providing fun and learning. MD

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