Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Elkeles, Simone Perfect Chemistry
Walker & Co 2009 360p 9.99 9780802798220 hs

Alex Fuentes is a gang member. Brittany Ellis is a blonde cheerleader from a wealthy family. Two teenagers from different worlds are about to collide and crossover boundaries into an unknown destiny of love and discovery. What transpires is a perfect chemistry that will have everyone questioning their values, feelings and reevaluating of their lives. A must read! Brittany appears to be the perfect golden girl head cheerleader, blonde wind blown hair, blue eyes, good grades and dating the captain of the football team. What no one knows is that Brittany leads a secret life full of family problems and is dealing with the care of a beloved sister that suffers from cerebral palsy.

Alejandro “Alex” fuentes is a gang member, owns a motorcycle, and acts like he is the man to be feared on campus. The truth; Alex fears for his two younger brothers and is hoping to be able to keep them from joining the gang. He is going to make sure they have a future even if it means he will have to sacrifice himself.

Then comes the day when school starts and in chemistry class the perfect girl has to sit next to the “mean” gang member. Mrs. Peterson the chemistry teacher is a teacher to be reckoned with and what she says goes. The project should have been simple but life is not simple and love is fickle. When Brittany and Alex sit next to each other and must interact with each other sparks always fly. But are these sparks the beginning of something else. The crossover is not easy and leaving the gang is not like getting out of a club. The choices these two teens face is full of questions, uncertainties, strange friendships, violence and even death.
Teens will love this book!!! MD

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