Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friedman, Lauri. Dangerous Dues: What You Need To Know About Gangs.

Friedman, Lauri. Dangerous Dues: What You Need To Know About Gangs.
Compass Point Books/Capstone 2010 48p 27.99 978-0-7565-4253-5 ms/hs

What’s the issue (Compass Point) A chilling look at gang involvement based on teen interviews. This book does much to dispel the myth and glamour gangs have received in popular culture. Why does someone join a gang? Several reasons are given in answer this question. Some join a gang to substitute for a family others join to gain a feeling of power and respect and still others are compelled to join. Those that feel compelled to join do so for protection or because another family member was in one already. Sometimes people think they will like the lifestyle which they perceive as one of parties, money and ‘bling.’
Sadly, gang membership is not a benign brotherhood and children find out the costs too late. Gang initiation can include beating, rape and sometimes being made to commit a crime. Once in a gang it can be difficult to leave.
The final message here is that it is possible to find a better life and the experience of several individuals are given as a message of hope. To get the support needed to leave a gang contact information for several organizations are listed.
There is a brief glossary and index included as well are references to other sources.
Spadaro, Trish

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