Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gardner, Robert. Ace your Math and measuring: Science Project.

Gardner, Robert. Ace your Math and measuring: Science Project.
c 2010 128p 32.00 9780766032248 jr/sr
Ace Your Physics Science Project

An easy way of learning all you need to know about math and measurements. A book full of science fair project, experiments and historical facts that will help you understand how math and measurements came to be a big part of how we live. This math book will prove to be very interesting to kids and adults. It take math and simplifies it by giving the reader background historical facts that will help understand how math helps us understand our world.

In the unit 1.1 the author gives us historical background that explains why we have many of the different math terms. The human body was the first instrument use for measurements for example: The foot was a unit equal to the length of a person foot. Take measuring a room, if you place your feet one in front of the other and walk the length of the room in this manner you will get approximate measure for that room. How many of you have seen your mothers or grandmother measure out a yard of fabric? They would take the fabric and begin the measurement at the point of their nose to the length of their hand and that would measure approximately a yard of fabric = to 36 inches.

There are experiments and examples that will provide a learning experience while you are having fun learning new and old concepts. You will learn about the US system and and the metric system. There are a total of 14 science fair experiments. Includes: Index, Introduction, safety first, the scientific method, science fairs, web sites, bibliography, and appendix.
Magna Diaz