Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Henham, R.D. Green Dragon Codex.

Henham, R.D. Green Dragon Codex.
Random House/Knopf/Anchor/Three Rivers 2009 243 9.95 978-0-7869-5145-1 ms/hs
Thirteen-year-old Scamp, his older brother Mather, and friend Dannika, set out to find someone who can protect the mysterious globe and tablet that Scamp found by the corpse of a dead dragon. They are chased by evil doers with magical powers. They are chased by evil doers with magical powers. Scamp always seems to be in trouble because he is an accident waiting to happen. His older brother lectures him frequently but doesn’t step in and help. Dannika has a mystical connection to her mentor Pena. The three are sent on a quest to find help protecting the tablet and egg. Along the way the egg hatches revealing a green dragon. Throughout history, green dragons have been evil, but Scamp has faith that he can train the dragon hatchling he names Pug, to be good.
As the group is attacked, and when it seems obvious that they will be killed, either magic or the courage of the trio, or a combination of these two always saves them.
An exciting, hard to put down read with very original forms of magic and exciting action.
Joan Theal

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