Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pearson, Mary E. The Miles Between.

Pearson, Mary E. The Miles Between.
Henry Holt 2009 266p 16.99 978-0-8050-8828-1 jr/sr

It’s not fair! But what if life could be fair even for just one special day? Travel with Destiny on her magical birthday when she finds friends, comes to terms with her past and learns that everything is going to be OK after all. Destiny Faraday is a lonely girl who has been consigned to life in boarding school. Apparently her parents have deserted her but we don’t know why. Changing schools frequently, she wakes up on her 17th birthday knowing that she will spend it alone at her new school. Because Des has learned to keep her distance from other people she feels friendless. Today her life is about to change. Finding a pale pink convertible with the keys inside, parked outside her school, Des convinces another student, Sean, to drive it. Mira sees them leaving and wants to go too. Mira then grabs Aidan and the four play hooky. They plan to go to the town that Destiny calls home.Luckily there is plenty of money in the glove compartment so they can enjoy the day without worry. Destiny does have twinges of conscious about this but is driven by a need to see her home.
There is clearly some mystery surrounding Destiny’s life and until the story is revealed we can only guess what it is. During this journey, Des is able to come to terms with family issues that she has refused to deal with. Returning to school everything works out in the most amazing way.
This is a lovely story that engages the emotions of the reader and we see Destiny’s life both from her perspective and that of the people who care for her. Spadaro, Trish

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