Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sandler, Martin W. Dust Bowl Through the Lens.

Sandler, Martin W. Dust Bowl Through the Lens.
Walker & Co 2009 96p 19.99 978-0-8027-9547-2 ms/hs

A collection of historic photographs that capture the devastation that plagued the Dust Bowl and the courage and enduring spirit of the people who tried to save their homes and livelihood during the era. This excellent photo-essay traces the history of the Dust Bowl from its causes to its resolution. Through the eyes of famous practitioners of the relatively new art form, the lives of the farmers and others suffering through this bleak period of US history are given substance and voice. A beautifully imagined and executed volume, this book intersperses quotes from famous individuals with break-taking photos and narrative text.

The volume also includes bibliographic references, a filmography and a comprehensive index. A truly magnificent collection of historic photographs that changed the mind of a nation. A wonderful addition to history collections for middle and high schools. An excellent companion to America through the lens and Lincoln through the lens. Pat Naismith


CVetre said...

Excellent book that is a wonderful resource for reluctant/struggling readers and ELLs. A great discussion starter that makes the textbooks more real for students.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. Students really find this topic interesting and this book will help bring it to life.