Friday, April 9, 2010

Sapet, Kerrily. Ted Kennedy.

Sapet, Kerrily. Ted Kennedy.
Morgan Reynolds 2009 144p 28.95 978-1-59935-089-9 ms/hs
Political Profiles (Morgan R)#8
Beginning with a discussion of Ted Kennedy’s family history, this biography continues with an in-depth look at his life. Edward Moore Kennedy was the youngest child in a large Irish-American family that gave America some of its finest politicians. Brother to both a assassinated president and a martyred senator, he held the senate seat from Massachusetts for forty-six years until his death in August 2009. He spent much of his congressional career implementing the policies of his brothers and was dedicated to furthering the common good. This is a very well written and insightful book and a succinct and lucid treatment of the subject. It is remarkably nonjudgmental and non-sensationalized and objective in its treatment of a remarkable man. It carefully discusses both the positive and negative aspects of Kennedy’s life. The descriptive text is enhanced by excellent well-captioned photographs and ends with a timeline, source notes, a bibliography of books and web sites, and an index. Ogintz, Susan

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