Friday, April 9, 2010

Warrick, Karen Clemens. Sandra Cisneros.

Warrick, Karen Clemens. Sandra Cisneros.
Enslow 2009 128p 31.93 978-0-7660-3162-3 ms/hs
Latino Biography Library (Enslow)
A very good biography of Sandra Cisneros that includes inside information as to what her thoughts were when she was writing many of her excellent works. Sandra Cisnero grew up in a typical Latino home where the boys were always encouraged to study but the girls were expected to learn all the household choirs in preparation for her own household when she married. Sandra broke with that image when she chose to study and became a writer. She describes the difficulties she had in her writing class because of her Hispanic background which was quite different from her fellow white classmates. However she admired Emily Dickinson and her advice is to read as much as you can but it wasn’t until she decided to use her own voice in her writing that her writing was able to take off and open the door to a world of literature from another perspective. She explains how she was able to write “The House on Mango Street” which is really little pieces of different people she knew in her barrio. She gives a lot of insightful advice for would be writers and shares the determination you must have to continue writing even when you feel like you are losing confidence. It is the path of resistance that takes you to the path of success. Plenty of pictures, chronology, chapter notes, books by Sandra Cisnero, glossary, Further reading, Internet Addresses and Index. Diaz, Magna

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