Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bardoe, Cheryl Mammoths and Mastodons
Abrams, Harry 2010 44p 18.95
978-0-8109-8413-4 elm/ms E-BN
Examining the fossil evidence, cave paintings, and other resources this text details what scientists know about the extinct mammoths and mastodons. Interviews with noted scientists in the field are included.
This gorgeous volume succeeds on both the visual and informational levels. The photography is stunning and the layout invites browsing. The information gives a detailed look at how scientists work and the body of evidence available on mammoths and mastodons.
Starting with the find of a frozen baby mammoth in Siberia the text gives details about the life of mammoths and mastodons. Fossil finds, cave paintings, and observation of modern elephants all give ample clues to how mammoths lived. Combining scientific discoveries with a little conjecture, produces a very complete look at these animals.
Theories are presented for what caused the extinction of the giant mammals. All this research is being used to try to prevent the extinction of present day elephants.

Very highly recommended for elementary and middle school students. The information would be usable in high schools also, but the picture book size and format might be a turnoff to older students. Excellent resource for elementary and middle schools. Theal(1), Joan
Ancient mammoths

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