Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cadnum, Michael Flash

Cadnum, Michael Flash
Farrar Strauss see macmillan children's pub group 2010 235p 17.99
978-0-374-39911-5 hs Conflict VG
Two teenage brothers bungle a bank robbery. Nina, a teenager, witnesses the robbery. Her brother, a wounded Iraq War veteran, supports her in confronting the robbers. Terrence, almost blind, overhears the robbers and is in danger. Grades 8 - 12.
Cadnum is known for creating tension in his novels. This book is no exception. The lives of five young people are forever changed because of a bungled bank robbery. Nina, an aspiring photographer, witnesses the robbery. Carraway, Nina’s wounded Iraq War brother and military policeman, has just returned from Iraq to continue convalescence and supports Nina as they track the teenage robbers to their home. Terrence, almost blind, heard the voices of the brothers as they buried the tainted money. He is in danger as the robber brothers set out to kill what they think is the only witness to where the money is buried. Characters are well drawn so that not only their actions but their emotions are revealed. The close family bond between Nina and Carraway as well as the tight family bond between the teenage robbers’ family enhance the story. However, subplots are started and never fully developed such as Nina’s photography and her run-in with a gallery owner who will trade sex for an exhibit of her photos; Terrence’s upcoming eye surgery, and Carraway’s Iraq War experiences that show post traumatic stress and could lead to a military trial. The ending is abrupt and unexpected leaving the reader wanting more from the subplots. Misspelling on page 120-theives instead of thieves. The cover is a real draw for boys. For grades 8-12.
Recommended where other Cadnum books have been popular. The emotions and motivations of the characters are revealed and enhance the fast-paced plot. But readers will want more as the subplots are not fully developed nor resolved. Gr. 8+. McNicol(3),Lois
Bank Robbery - Fiction

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