Sunday, January 9, 2011

Can You Find it? America

Falken, Linda. Can You Find it? America
Abrams, Harry 2010 40p 16.95
978-0-8109-8890-3 elem VG
In this lovely book, twenty masterpieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art are combined with a list of objects to “seek and find” within each painting, print, or textile. Each of the works of art is also accompanied by a brief description of its provenance. The reproductions are colorful and clearly presented and the list is highlighted by different colored numbers that correspond to dots on the black-and-white illustrations at the end of the book. These show the locations of each object. This book is sure to be an enticing introduction to different types of art and the joy in the discovery of small details. Unfortunately, some of the objects sought in these illustrations are very small and might necessitate the use of a magnifying glass but it still would be an excellent way to introduce a youngster to the marvelous world to be discovered in a painting.
Highly recommended for elementary level libraries. Ogintz(2), Susan
Art appreciation

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