Sunday, January 9, 2011

Citizen You

Tisch, Jonathan M. Citizen You
Crown see Random 2010 274p 24.00
978-0-307-58848-7 hs/adult VG
Tisch, of Loews Corporation, highlights the new social activism that is changing communities for the better by solving problems rather than just throwing money at the problem. A book to inspire action and hope. Grades 10 to adult.
The new social activism puts people to work actively solving community problems related to education, sanitation, disease, energy, and poverty. Examples of individual people and corporations doing good in the community inspire hope as well as show that anyone can make a change if they get actively involved. The philosophy behind the good works of Tufts University, Loews Corporation, Doctors Without Borders, Engineers Without Borders, and IBM is explained as well as the projects initiated. Whether purchasing from local businesses/farms, helping out in disasters, providing employees with paid time to do volunteer work, or designing energy efficient tools/equipment for third world nations - it all started with one person and one idea. With so many news stories of violence and despair, this book is a beacon in the current economic downturn shining a light on people who are doing good in the community without expecting a monetary profit in return.
The reader will emerge with a feeling of hope for the world and be inspired to look at his own community to see what he can do to make the lives of his fellow citizens a little better. The cover of the book is outstanding relaying the same feeling that each person has the ability and duty to change the world. For adults and students who feel a connection to their community. Recommended for public libraries, civic groups, and high school students who want to turn altruism into action. An inspiration and call to action for every reader. McNicol(3),Lois
Social change - citizen participation

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