Sunday, January 9, 2011

Deception (Haunting Emma series)

Nichols, Lee. Deception (Haunting Emma series)
Bloomsbury see St. Martins 2010 326p 9.99
978-1-59990-421-4 ms/hs Fantasy VG-BN
This is a psychological ghostly thriller for young adults that interweaves the thoughts of Emma Vaille and what her parents never told her about her ability to see, hear, and talk with ghosts.
Emma’s parents go away on a business trip leaving her in charge of the antiquities shop. At the same time her best friend moves away; and her new friends talk her into hosting a party. After the cops crash the party, Emma ends up in Child Protective Services. Bennett, her brother’s friend, shows up with guardianship papers and whisks her away to a museum like mansion in New England that seems to be staffed by ghosts.

The Emma’s story is told in a back and forth style that allows the reader to understand Emma’s thoughts and fascinations with the ghosts, friendships, and love interests while continuing with her struggles to understand herself. She constantly wonders about whereabouts of her parents and brother. More importantly, why did they leave her out in the dark about her special abilities? The story builds to a dramatic ending which will lead into the next episode in the “Haunting Emma’s series”.
Lee Nichols has written a ghost thriller that will intrigue and entrance the young adult reader. The characters are believable and portrayed in a manner that shows the courage and strength of the main character.

This is a very well written book that will relate well to many young readers. It is recommended as a basic book for any middle or high school library. McNeil, Linda

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