Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Girl Who Chased the Moon

Allen, Sarah Addison. The Girl Who Chased the Moon
Bantam see Random 2010 269p 25.00
978-0-553-80721-9 hs/adult Fantasy VG
Emily moves in with the grandfather she never knew after her mother’s death. Secrets spill out including the suicide Emily’s mother was blamed for, the reason why a family stays inside after dark, and an unknown teen pregnancy. For older teens and adults.
The cast of characters seems overwhelming at first but as the novel progresses, the reader realizes all the story lines intertwine. After Emily’s mother’s death, Emily goes to live with a grandfather she has never visited. This eight foot giant of a man has quirks as do members of the local small town community. Magical lights at night are caused by Win, the nephew of a man whose suicide has been blamed on Emily’s mother, who glows with a warm embracing light when moonlight hits him. The attraction between Emily and Win raise the hackles of the community. A neighbor, Julia, has returned to the small town she left as a teenager to run her father’s restaurant. Julia confronts the now grown man who got her pregnant in high school. As Julia’s secrets are revealed, her baking skills draw in the community. A hot steamy love scene between Julia and her now grown teenage love may limit this book to grades 10 and up. Adults who like fantasy based in reality will also be drawn to this book. Grab a piece of cake and settle into the magical world of Mullaby and be startled yet reassured that the secrets will all sort themselves out. The cover features a dark haired young lady that words describe as Julia, but actually seems more to be Emily from the pose - part of the intentional magical confusion? A magical read about needing to be accepted for who you are! Recommended where books about fantasy based in reality are popular. The characters are quirky and numerous, but the story line hooks the reader. Page 183 has a grammar problem: “Emily was beginning understand”. McNicol,Lois

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