Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gravett, Christopher. Knight: Nobel Warrior of England 1200-1600

Gravett, Christopher Knight: Nobel Warrior of England 1200-1600
Osprey Graphic History 2010 288p 19.95
978-1-84908-138-2 hs/adult VG
Describes how the knight evolved over four centuries of English and European history, the battles they fought, their lives both in peacetime and on campaign, their weapons, armor and clothing, and the fascinating code and mythology of chivalry.
Originally published as four separate titles and then combined in Great Britain in 2008.
The popular image of a “knight in shining armor” feasting, courtly tournaments and bloody battles is not the whole story. From the knights of King John to the last Tudor knights, great detail is given to the changes in armor and clothing, weapons, battle tactics, and involvement in public service and politics over the passage of time. The life of a knight was evolving through the centuries covered. Also included is the code and mythology of chivalry.
This title is so full of detail it would best fit in the reference section. Many historical illustrations and photographs of statuary and monuments enhance the text. The terminology used in the area of armor and clothing requires a background knowledge in the field. There is a very complete glossary of terms and an extensive index.
This title would fit best in a high school or college library.
Recommended for high school or college. Theal, Joan

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