Saturday, January 8, 2011

Johansen, K.V. The Shadow Road

Johansen, K.V. The Shadow Road ( The warlocks of Talverdine: Bk four)
Orca 2010 216p 12.95
978-1-55469-165-4 ms/hs Fantasy VG-BN
The Warlocks of Talverdine Nethin was just entering adulthood and beginning to control his Maker powers, when he was kidnapped by the Yehillon. They needed his powers to open the Gate to the Shadow Road that would take them to the Homeland. The Yehillon hope to find the way to destroy the nightwalker once and for all. In book four we meet Nethin, a prince in his province and just learning how to control his powers of Maker. He not only a Nightwalker but he is also half human and has inherited witch powers from his mother. The Yehillon kidnap him and almost kill his parents. The poison Nethin to control his powers until they can take him to where the Shadow road begins so that he can open the gates.
They control him to the point of almost incapacitating him but as he has no choice he begins the chant of the spell that will open the gates to the Shadow Road. The Yehillon believe that returning to the Homeland they will find answers and the key to controlling and destroying the Nightwalkers.
Once on the Shadow Road they discover all kinds of dangers and almost death. However, the truth is discovered there also and what they learn could change the course of the Yehillon and Nightwalker History. Unfortunately, the Shadow Road is also very unstable and it’s instability can cause dangers in all the world connected to the road.
The story starts out with an exciting first few episodes but it does slow down in the middle. However, it does picks up the excitement again and becomes very exciting. To understand the series the reader should read book number one “Nightwalkers”. Diaz, Magna

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