Sunday, January 9, 2011

Leedy, Loreen The Shocking Truth about Energy

Leedy, Loreen The Shocking Truth about Energy
Holiday House 2010 32p 17.95
978-0-8234-2220-3 elem E-BNes
“ An illustrated introduction to energy, covering the forms it can take, such as heat, light, fuel, and electricity, and examines topics such as global warming; nuclear, solar, and wind power; how energy transfers from the sun to food to people's muscles; and how to sensibly conserve energy around the home.” Elementary students will enjoy this new graphic title on energy. Energy is something we use everyday, but we just don’t think about all the ways it affects us. Students are introduced to Erg, and he’s pure energy. Erg helps us understand the many different forms of energy. Erg tells us while everybody loves energy for everyday things, its hard to catch it because it can be heat, light, sound, fuel, motion, or electricity. When we eat food, its our fuel for our muscles and becomes muscle power. In a highly graphical manner, students are introduced to the power of fossil fuels and how they are burned to make electricity. When fossil fuels burn, they release carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, and then we have issues of global warming. Nuclear power is introduced and it uses the energy of atoms. Solar power is another form of energy and its free, clean, and renewable. Another form of energy is wind power and through wind motion it creates electricity. When the wind is not blowing, no power can be made. Water power helps create energy too through the motion of rivers and oceans. Geothermal power uses ground heat pumps to produce energy. Plant power use the energy from sunlight to make things for fuel. The author provides many money saving energy tips for kids and grown-ups.

Includes additional information about energy, along with recommended web sites and more bad news about fossil fuels. Students will love the graphical format. Reluctant readers will also do well with this title. Would make a great addition to an elementary school collection. Forba-Mayer,Charleen

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