Sunday, January 9, 2011

Little women and Werewolves

Alcott, Louisa May & Porter Grand. Little women and Werewolves
Ballantine see Random 2010 396p 14.00
978-0-345-52260-3 secondary Supernatural E-BN
In this new version of Little Women there is the added elements of werewolves. The story is similar to the classic version but werewolves are part of the plot and interwoven into the little women’s lives. Little women and the werewolves is indeed an interesting tale of the marsh sisters town where werewolves live along side their neighbors. In this version the Laurence men are werewolves but only Jo and Beth know the truth and they are determined to keep this knowledge a secret from everyone. This tale is more gruesome than the original cleaned up story and fans of Louisa May Alcott may find it truly interesting and exciting.
This edition includes an original letter from Alcott’s editor telling her that the story as is can not be published but if she took the element of the werewolves out it could prove to be a hit.
The story in itself mirrors the original in pretty much everything except for the werewolf element.
In all probability if this tale about the editor is true and this is the original tale then it most likely would not have been a children’s favorite but it would have been a best seller for adults. Diaz, Magna
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