Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marshall, Shelley Molly The Great Tells The Truth

Marshall, Shelley Molly The Great Tells The Truth
Enslow 2010 24p 21.26
9780766035201 elem Animal stories E
Charactcer Education w/Super Ben & Molly the Great (Enslow)
Molly the great learns a lesson about honesty and telling the truth.
Molly and her friend were jumping on the sofa and they also had the music extremely loud. Molly’s dad came into the room and yelled at Molly that she and her friend should not be jumping on the couch for various reasons but especially because they could fall off the couch and hurt themselves. And furthermore the music was simply too loud. No sooner did her dad walk out the door, Molly resumed her jumping and kept the music loud. Then it happened, her foot slipped off the couch and Molly tumbled off and landed on top of one crown breaking it. She and her friend Ben tried to hide the crown under the pillows before her dad saw it but at that very moment he walked in ad told her to get her crown and come to the store.
When her dad asked how it got broken, Molly chose to lie to her dad. When her dad questions how it all happened Molly was at a lose for words and decided to tell the truth.

Molly’s dad was disappointed in her for not telling the truth but he felt she had learned a valuable lesson.
Includes mini book list and websites. Diaz, Magna

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