Sunday, January 9, 2011

Misty Gordon and the Mystery of Ghost Pirates

Kennedy, Kim. Misty Gordon and the Mystery of Ghost Pirates
Amulet see Abrams, Harry 2010 218p 15.95
978-0-8109-9357-0 ms/hs Realistic Fiction VG
Misty’s discovered a pair of glasses and a notebook while helping her parents with their antique business. They give her the ability to see things in the past. The story tells of Misty’s struggle to find the treasure before the pirates. It is full of mystery, intrigue, and pirates.
This takes place in a small New England town that is full of stories of pirates and ship wrecks. Misty and her friend Yoshi team up to try and solve the mysteries of a lost treasure that is rumored to have mystical powers that was buried in the area by pirates long ago.

Misty’s parents run the Deceased’s Estate and Antique Dealer business. From time to time Misty will help her father pick up items in their van. In the course of one such trip, she finds a pair of eyeglasses and a notebook at Madam Zaster’s home. The glasses give the ability to see ghosts and the notebook provides answers for as long as she has it.

The author has done a good job of creating a fast paced scary story with enough mystery to keep readers on the edge of their seats as the girls go to school and keep pace with the various roadblocks that come up in their way. The question remains, will Misty and Yoshi find the golden statue before the pirates? McNeil(3), Linda

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