Saturday, January 8, 2011

O’Brien, Caragh M. Birth Marked

O’Brien, Caragh M. Birth Marked
Roaring Press see Millbrook 2010 362p 16.99
978-1-59643-569-8 hs Science fiction E-BN
In 2930 the world has changed and now the people who live inside the walls are called the Enclave and the unfortunate people who were not selected to go behind the wall are called the outsiders and live in poverty. However, the Enclave committed an error they didn’t take in enough people and now they have a grave problem with the children.
Gaia can only imagine what life behind the wall is like. She has been training to be a midwife and now she is ready. As a midwife she has the responsibility of passing over the first the three babies born in a month. The babies destiny is to be adopted by families within the walls. Their life is good, however there is a problem now that is affecting the whole existence of the people within the walls. The children are dying and because most of the children come from outside the walls and there are many cases of incest due to the fact that the children have no idea who their real parents are on the outside.
Gaia always thought it was a good thing although deep inside as she gave the babies over she felt an uncomfortable feeling. Then the day came when she came home to find her parents had been arrested. The Enclave was looking for a code that could tell them how the young adults might be related. They believe that Gaia’s mother was able to help them. However, Gaia’s mother had lost 2 babies to the Enclave and she was determined to stop it even if it killed her.
Excellent story full of intrigue and mystery. Gaia is a heroine willing to risk it all and she actually finds love along the way. As the story unfolds the reader learns how the story becomes complicated and how technology, genetics, illness and incest can devastate a population. I suspect there might be a second book continuing the story of Gaia and Leon telling us how this whole story will unfold and the population can be saved. Diaz, Magna

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