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Pawlak, Mark, D. Lourie, & R. Hershon When We Were Countries : Poems and Stories by Outstanding High School Writers

Pawlak, Mark, D. Lourie, & R. Hershon When We Were Countries : Poems and Stories by Outstanding High School Writers
Hanging Loose Press 2010 279p 19.00
978-1-934909-05-8 secondary Multicultural E-BN
A collection of poems and story written by high school teens. All of the writings have been previously published in the “hanging Loose magazine that specializes in publishing the works high school students. In this collection you will find the best of the best.
Very well written pieces by high school students are collected in this new anthology called “When We Were Countries.”. Selection for this book have come from the magazine “Hanging Loose” which is now celebrating it’s 44th year of publishing work by students.
In this new book the writing is quite sophisticated and sometimes quite complex to have been written by students. They have poured out their life in these pieces and are sharing their most intimate moments. Here students let loose and share their inner thoughts with us.
There are three pieces where their teachers share their experiences in working with their students and their techniques they encourage their students to practice. They also share how working with students has helped them continue to learn and practice their writing. They give excellent advice on how to encourage students to continue the practice of writing and through this particular technique their writing will become better and they will acquire excellent experience along the way. The teachers are candid and give very good advice to students and to teachers who are teaching the writing classes.
There is one special piece written by a former student writer who first published in the magazine Hanging Loose . He shares how this experience changed his life. Since then he has continued to write and has met with some success. Joanna Fuhrman is now on her fourth book titled Pageant and has just won an award. She share the fact that the experience of writing has had such positive effects for her and she encourages other students who would, or hope to begin writing to take that first step and just do it. you never know where it may lead. Diaz, Magna
United States - Teenage poems

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