Saturday, January 8, 2011

Perritano, John. Revolution in Communications

Perritano, John Revolution in Communications
Marshall Cavendish/Benchmark 2010 32p 28.50
978-0-761443 elm/ms VG
It Works(MC)

All major inventions related to communications are included in this book. They include the printing press, the telephone, the computer and the telegraph, to name a few. Additionally, there are snippets of biographical data about the inventors.
Do you want to get children to read nonfiction? This book has colorful layout, interesting pictures and information, a compare/contrast piece that is sure to please a literacy teacher and experiments that correspond to each invention. The devices included in the book include the invention of the printing press & the E-book, the telegraph & E-mail, the telephone & the cell phone, the radio & satellite radio, the television, both regular and high def, and the Internet & the World Wide Web. The compare/contrast piece to this book makes it an asset to a literacy teacher. The author could have chosen the chronological order format, but this one is far more educational. The art work includes a mixture of real images and caricatures, all designed to interest younger readers. In addition, the author includes biographical information about each inventor, and one can see how useful this book would be for a child who has the assignment of reporting on a useful invention and its inventor, or on useful inventions that have changed the world. The budding scientist can perform the experiments that are included with each invention, and all experiments look like fun! The text is written using many simple sentences, and since young readers learn how to write by reading high quality, complex and compound sentences, this is a definite weakness. However, the information is interesting and relevant, and one sees the benefit of including this series in a library or classroom collection. The timeline and glossary are icing on the cake, and the book ends with a list of resources and an index. This book is best for the elementary school & middle school library. However, by including experiments, the author assures the science teacher that it could be part of a science classroom collection as well! Squaresky, Martha
all major communication devices, old & new

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