Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shakespeare Makes the Playoff

Koertge, Ron. Shakespeare Makes the Playoff
Candlewick Press 2010 169p 15.99
978-0-7636-4435-2 ms/jr Realistic Fiction VG-BN
In this novel-in-verse sequel to Shakespeare Bats Cleanup, Kevin Boland continues his writing career, reads his first poems at open mike night, and deals with his attraction to two girls and the reality that his widowed father has started dating.
The likable hero of Shakespeare Bats Cleanup returns in this sequel for lovers of baseball, poetry, teen angst, romance, and just a sweet fun story. That the readers will also discover how to write pantoums, sestinas, haiku, etc. is just an added benefit. Even the emails appear in blank verse. There is no taut plotting here, nor huge conflict, but Kevin deals with an overbearing girlfriend, a new love interest, bullies, batting slumps and his grief over his mother’s death, as well as his father’s tentative foray into dating again. Poignant, funny and easy to read. This novel should appeal to readers of both sexes. Just a quick warning...more romance and poetry in this volume and a little less baseball.
Recommended for middle school and lower high school readers. Nothing objectionable, interesting and fun to read. Naismith, Pat
Writing poetry, baseball, friendship

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