Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stories of the Sea

Tesdell, Diana Secker editor. Stories of the Sea
Alfred Knopf see Random House 2010 405p 15.00
978-0-307-59265-1 ms/hs Misc. E
A classic collection of stories by Poe, Stephen Crane, Hemingway, Stevenson, Kipling and others, with the common theme of the sea and human’s relationship to it. This is an excellent collection of some classic good reads ... from Crane’s The Open Boat to Bradbury’s supernatural tale The Fog, each story is a wonderful example of its author’s gifts of storytelling. Type size is comfortable, quality of binding, paper and design is very good.
A good way to add some classic stories of the sea to any library’s collection. Kennedy(2), Carol
Ocean -- Short stories

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