Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tomlinson, Heather Toads and Diamonds

Tomlinson, Heather Toads and Diamonds
Henry Holt/macmillan children's pub group 2010 276p 16.99
978-0-8050-8968-4 elem Fairytale E-BN
A fairy tale of two Middle Eastern sisters gifted with very different gifts that will send them on a quest to discover their destiny, the way their country is ruled and to find their true love.
Diribani and Tana are half sister who love each very much. Tana’s mother has been like a mother to Diribani. They lived in relative comfort until her father died. Together, Diribani and Tana are able to help put food on the table but they both know it is only a question of time before a cousin throw them out of their home.
One day Diribani went to get water at the well when she encountered an old woman asking for water to drink. She gave it willingly and with kindness. For this she was gifted with the gift of jewels and flowers when she spoke. She encouraged her sister Tana to go and see if she too could get a gift but when Tana went something went very wrong because she too got a gift but hers was snakes and frog that came out of her mouth when she spoke. Their destiny took different routes from that moment and each was sent on quest that had to be fulfilled. On the road to discovery each girl would need to learn knew skills, listen carefully and adopt to knew believes and face great dangers. Their reward was not known and they felt they might end up alone. Destiny however has a way of taking it’s own route. Diaz(1), Magna Stories in rhyme - Eccentrics and eccentricities

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