Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Yankee Years

Torre, Joe & Tom Verducci. The Yankee Years
Anchor see Random 2009 516p 16.95
978-0-7679-3042-0 hs/adult VG
In his eleven years as the manager of the New York Yankees, Joe Torre While Joe Torre’s name is listed on this book as an author, it appears that most of the writing has been done by veteran sports writer, Tom Verducci. The narrative is in third person, and includes quotes from Torre, among others. The real value in this book is not as a biography of Torre, but a biography of a team, as well as a look at major league baseball during the 11-year span in which Torre coached the New York Yankees. And while is dishes the dirt about A-Rod and the Steinbrenner dynasty, it is also a balanced look at Torre and the team that he took to four World Series championships during his tenure from 1996 to 2007. Balanced, informative and entertaining, this is an outstanding look at the game of baseball, during a period of great change in the game. Reminiscent of Buzz Bissinger’s Three Nights in August, about Tony LaRussa and the St. Louis Cardinals. Yankees, and all baseball fans, will want to pick this one up.

That said, the appeal of this book will lean toward an adult audience. It is quite suitable for high school audiences, but the time period covered, and the writing style, will probably be more attractive to adult readers.

Naismith, Pat
Joe Torre and his years with the NY Yankees

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