Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adler, David. A Little At A Time

Adler, David A Little At A Time
Holiday House 2010 unp 16.95
978-0-8234-1739-1 elem Questions and answers -- Fiction. VG-BNe

“While enjoying a morning together, a little boy asks his grandfather a series of questions about how things got to be the way they are, such as tall trees, deep holes, and big dinosaurs in the museum they visit, but Grandpa's answer is always the same.” In this title, elementary students are presented with a Grandpa and his young grandson. As the two spend time together, they travel through the city and see trees, construction sites, tall buildings, litter on streets, smoke in the air, dinosaurs at a museum, and other places. The young grandson is very inquisitive and asks Grandpa a lot of questions. Grandpa takes his time and calmly answers each question with an explanation then follows it up with “a little at a time.” After hearing Grandpa’s responses, the young grandson begins to know how he is going to respond.

Beautifully illustrated with oil paintings, readers will see the characters in real form. Young readers will be able read the text since it is written in an easy-to-read fashion and grandpa’s responses are simply explained and repetitive. Readers will be able to relate their experiences with grandparents with the Grandpa and his grandson in this story. Realistic Fiction Forba-Mayer, Charleen

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