Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adornetto, Alexandra. Halo.

Adornetto, Alexandra Halo
Feiwel&Friends/Macmillan Child Pub Gr 2010 484p 16.99
978-0-312-65626-3 jr/sr Angels - Interpersonal relations - schools VG-BN

Angels have come down to earth to bring good news. However, they can not expose themselves to humans. They must adjust to human life for the time being until they are needed. Bethany the youngest angel, is thrilled but she never imagined that becoming human would bring so many human problems and heartaches.
Three angels came down to earth and took human form. Gabriel the archangel and his sisters Ivy and Bethany. Bethany is one of the youngest angels and although her brother argued that she was not ready to face the hardships on earth, he was overruled and convinced other wise. Gabriel and Ivy have come down many times to help the humans when there has been a need. The presences of Bethany however, has them worried. Bethany must try to fit into the general teenage population. As she learns about life on earth she is amaze at all the things new and wonderful and not so wonderful. She also meets Xavier Woods!
Xavier is a serious young man who lost his girlfriend the year before in a house fire. He is handsome, popular, captain of the soccer team and not interested in any relationships until he see Bethany. Bethany and Xavier were star struck from the moment their eyes met. It should never have happened but somehow love blossomed between this angel and the human. Gabriel and Ivy are beside themselves trying to understand what has gone wrong with their sister, the youngest angel with them.
Then Jake Thorn came to town and terrible things began to happen. At first the connection was not made but then something unexplained happened and it placed all the angels on alert.
Bethany, Xavier and everyone in town were placed in danger and now She must choose her moment of action if she wishes to save her loved ones before it is too late even if it means her life will be on the line. Fantasy Diaz, Magna

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