Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Banscherus, J. Stage Fright (Pathway Books)

Banscherus, J. Stage Fright (Pathway Books)
Stone Arch see Capstone 2011 72p 23.99
978-1-4342-2129-2 elm/ms Mystery- detective - child investigators E-BN

Klooz is an amateur child investigator and he is good at solving mysteries but he takes his business into school. Then his homeroom teacher ask Klooz to get involved in solving the mystery of why the actors for the school play keep quiting. Klooz is good at solving mysteries and he charges five packs of Carpenter╒s chewing gum for every mystery solved. However, he never takes his business into school but one day Mrs. Linden approached him with a problem that need solving. She was in charge of the school play and they were starting rehearsal but every time they practice her main actor would quit she was now into her fourth actor and was getting nowhere. She just could not figure out what was happening or why. So she turned to Klooz to see if he could solve the mystery so that she could have her play otherwise they would have to cancel for the year.
Klooz began to ask questions and found out that it seems the actors would leave after the scene where he fall down through a whole and disappears. Klooz concluded that the mystery was right after they fell down the whole. He had to uncover the truth behind the fall down the whole and whatever was making the actors leave?
A delightful tale of mystery for the young accompanied by pictures. Includes: Glossary, discussion questions and writing prompts.
Mystery/Detective Diaz, Magna

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