Thursday, March 31, 2011

Besel. Jennifer M. Unusual History of Comic Books

Besel. Jennifer M. Unusual History of Comic Books
Capstone Publishers 2011 48p 30.65
978-1-4296-4790-8 Comics E-BNe Unusual Histories (Capstone)

A fact full book of unusual tidbits and trivia about comic books in graphic style. Readers will find themselves entranced, as I did, as they read through the comic book timelines of seldom told stories, bizarre facts, and behind-the-scene-secrets. The author described the origins, the dazzling debuts of super heroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The author also showed how the superheroes “morphed” over time until the introduction of anime from Japan in the 1990’s.
My favorite chapter was the one explaining the behind the scene trivia on the comic controversy. The text provided me with some explanation of what I was not aware of during that time period.
This book will be appreciated by the readers of the new graphic style books. The pages are beautifully designed and the layout flows easily for the readers to follow the facts. The dramatic use of color exemplifies the drama surrounding the comic books’ environment. Graphic novel McNeil(3), Linda

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