Monday, March 28, 2011

Burgan, Michael. Refusing to Crumble: Danish Resistance in WWII.

Burgan, Michael. Refusing to Crumble: Danish Resistance in WWII.
Compass Point Books/Capstone 2010 64p 31.99 978-0-7565-4298-6
ms/jr Danish resistance in World War II VG-BNS Taking A Stand (Capstone)

Told through the stories of individuals, and backed up with factual information, this readable volume about the famed Danish resistance during World War II provides useful information for research for younger readers. A number of books have appeared recently about the Danish resistance in World War II. This volume combines personal narratives, with factual information, complemented with primary source quotations. It makes the resistance more real and interesting for young readers. While not of the compelling quality of Darkness Over Denmark, this offering is nonetheless, perhaps a better introduction for middle school and younger readers.

Text boxes are placed at the end of sections in the narrative, thereby not impeding the flow of the text. Black and white photos and the good use of white space, coupled with a sparse, easy to read and understand text make this volume an excellent introduction to the subject for younger readers. A glossary, bibliographic resources and index complete the volume. Naismith, Pat

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