Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cronin, Justin. The Passage.

Cronin, Justin The Passage
Ballantine see Random 2010 766p 27.00
978-0-345-50496-8 hs/adult Apocalyptic Fiction E-BN

A secret military experiment goes wrong yielding super warrior vampires that terrorize all humans who retreat into walled fortresses. A young girl holds the key to overcoming these creatures. Science fiction/fantasy/romance lovers will all enjoy. Grades 7-adult. A stunner of a novel integrating a top secret military experiment on humans with a vampire story all set within an apocalyptic futuristic time. Told from many personal viewpoints as well as journals and historical records, the plot weaves between current and past experiences without losing the reader. Amy, an illegitimate six-year old who is unaffected by the vampires, is abandoned by her mother at a convent. A top secret military experiment in Colorado injects twelve death row inmates with a virus that will make them super strong and almost indestructible – a way to create super warriors to fight in the American wars. What they have created is a vampirish, blood thirsty creature that infects others and the result is total loyalty to the host vampire. A settlement of humans trying to defy the vampires is so well described, the reader understands their lifestyle and customs. The story is fast paced and segues between Amy’s story and the lives of the settlement residents until they merge into one grand surge toward “home”. Pithy comments about the environment, energy use, and government control or lack thereof will resonate with the reader. Techie readers, romance readers, vampire readers will all appreciate this well-crafted novel. Surely a sequel will follow. Spellbinding reading that ends on a hopeful note. For grades 7-adult. Science fiction McNicol,Lois

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